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Harrison and Bronte are beefing AGAIN and Rupert got roasted by the Gogglebox UK cast?!

What on earth is going on down under?

A lot of Married at First Sight Australia drama has been going down over the past few weeks, even though the series ended almost two months ago. The drama is showing no signs of slowing down, especially since Bronte and Harrison have reignited their feud on social media, and so MAFS Australia gossip has not stopped.

So, here is a rundown of all the drama and the wholesome moments between the MAFS Australia 2023 cast in the past few weeks. From Rupert calling out the Gogglebox UK cast to Shannon sharing Andrew Tate quotes on social media, here’s everything that has gone down, down under.

Harrison and Bronte are beefing AGAIN

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I mean, are we really surprised? Harrison reignited his feud with Bronte after making a dig at her new OnlyFans career. During an Instagram Q&A, Harrison was asked what if he subscribed to Bronte’s OnlyFans account to which he responded: “Why would I pay to see something I didn’t want when it was free?”

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Bronte clapped back almost immediately and savaged him in the best way possible. “Oh please. H bomb, make your hair line and back the f**k up, we both know this is a lie,” she responded.

Harrison continued to make his opinion known, saying that “selling nudes to strangers for money is kind of gross”. “I could have gone down the OF route. But I’d rather have parents who are proud of me,” the former groom said.

The bickering didn’t stop there and Bronte went even further. she said: “Let me just say I actually didn’t care that he was a stripper. It’s the fact that he’s throwing shade at me for selling my nudes, selling my body on OnlyFans when he literally goes on boats, goes to bachelorette parties and just whips it out for money. How is that different?”

Harrison was a stripper before appearing in the experiment and when quizzed on it by a follower, the former groom said he doesn’t “see male entertainers in the same light as females selling nudity on OnlyFans”. “Call it a double standard if you want, but that’s just how I see it,” he concluded.

The Gogglebox UK cast roasted Rupert so hard

Yep. You read that correctly. The Gogglebox UK cast did not hold back when it came to Rupert and Evelyn’s wedding and clips have been going viral on TikTok.

One of the families said: “Oh, he’s not confident at all the poor little bugger”, with another adding: “It’s hard, she’s [Evelyn’s] not only his wife but also his carer.”

Rupert apparently took it well and joked the wedding gives him “PTSD” when he has to watch it back.

Josh was the groom who apparently told Harrison to print off the screenshots for the reunion dinner party

Josh was apparently the groom who told Harrison to print off the screenshots of Bronte’s messages during the reunion dinner party. Um, WHAT?!

Ollie Skelton previously revealed that Harrison didn’t come up with the idea on his own and instead followed the “advice” from someone else who you wouldn’t expect.

According to So Dramatic! the cast member who dished the advice was Josh. Apparently Josh admitted it on his “Instagram lives or Q&A”, and they even printed it off at Josh’s house.

Caitlin had a huge transformation and has joined OnlyFans

Caitlin slayed HARD when she was on MAFS Australia and has only continued to do so. The former bride ditched her blonde hair and has gone for a jet black look and has since relaunched her OnlyFans account.

Caitlin is charging $24.99 a month and has reportedly earned an impressive $16,793 since reactivating her account. “The content you won’t find on my social media,” Caitlin wrote on her bio.

Shannon shared an Andrew Tate quote on social media

In an Instagram post, Shannon shared a photo of himself and wrote: “See the good in everyone and everything #AndrewTate.”

Andrew Tate is known for his problematic views on social media and recently he and his brother have been charged in Romania with rape, human trafficking and forming an organised crime group to sexually exploit women. The brothers are prepared to “demonstrate their innocence and vindicate their reputation”.

Alyssa is back on Tinder

Alyssa was spotted by a viewer on Tinder, who posted her account on TikTok. On her profile, she poked fun at her appearance on Judge Judy, asking people to ask her about it. Her bio is then followed with: “I have a child”, before adding she likes to “bake cakes”. Alyssa also listed her interests as coffee, walking, travel and baking.

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