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Where is JoshuaDTV now? Colleen Ballinger’s ex-husband who just celebrated three years sober

Their divorce was WILD

Colleen Ballinger is a name that by now we are all familiar with, and recently everyone has also been speaking about her ex-husband Joshua DTV (aka Joshua Evans). From starting dating in 2012 to a very, very messy divorce in 2018 – here’s everything we know about him and his relationship with Colleen Ballinger, his current wife and his rogue career in a capella.

Joshua Evans’ marriage with Colleen Ballinger

Joshua and Colleen got married in California in July 2015 after several years of dating. Then in September 2016 the two announced they were divorcing.

In August 2019, Joshua posted a YouTube video called “The truth about everything part one” which he took down hours later. In the video, Joshua explained how he was finally going to tell the truth about everything that went down between him and Colleen. In the video he said: “I’m making this video because I need to, I want to…survive. I have held my tongue for years. I’ve held my tongue more than you know, and it’s killing me. For my own sanity, I’m just going to tell the truth. I want to tell you about my life and I want to tell you about what really happened. And it might piss a lot of people off. It might piss off my subscribers. It might piss off Colleen. It might piss off people in my family. It might piss off people that I used to be friends with.”

The former couple first met in 2009 and so many people were obsessed with them and when they started dating in 2019. In his video, Joshua added: “Some really crappy stuff has gone on. I have been living with so much anger, pain and confusion and I tired to be nice to people. I tried to hold my tongue. And when I did say things it was interpreted in a really twisted way. And I’m done. I’m done and I want to tell you guys the real story, I want to tell you what really happened. I’ve refrained from making videos because I didn’t want to embarrass people in my life. I didn’t want to embarrass myself but when I get commented every day telling me to kill myself and to not wake up it gets to your head.”

The Cat’s Pajamas band

Joshua Evans was the lead vocalist of The Cats Pyjamas, an a capella vocal band from America.

Joshua just celebrated three years being sober from alcohol

The YouTube start recently posted on Instagram saying he was three years sober from alcohol and he was so proud of himself. His wife and childhood friend, Pamela Rose Rodriquez Evans took to Instagram to congratulate him. She said: “I’m so grateful for every day and all the moments with you amor. You should be so proud of yourself. I admire you and all the work you’ve done and continue to do. Do you want to maybe marry me and be best friends forever?”

Pamela and Joshua married in 2018 after being engaged for one month. They shared several videos online from challenges, vlogs, sit-down chats and musical covers.

The start of his YouTube career

Joshua started posting on YouTube on a channel called Joshuad84 in 2008. Before that he studied at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

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