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Erm, someone called a SWAT team to Jeffree Star’s Wyoming yak ranch as he was on TikTok live

The SWAT team was stood outside his ranch waiting for him ffs

Jeffree Star is an OG YouTube beauty guru and he made a name for himself in the industry through engaging in drama, owning a makeup brand and being one of the most outspoken creators on the platform.

Recently, Jeffree Star sold his big boujee Beverly Hills mansion and swapped it for a 500-acre ranch in Wyoming, where he raises Yaks.

He’s clearly opted for the quiet life after moving away from LA but he hasn’t slowed down on dishing out some strong opinions.

Earlier this week, Jeffree Star was on a TikTok live stream with some friends and he revealed he had been swatted. Fans watching the live could see red and blue lights flashing as he waited outside his property. According to him, someone watching the stream swatted him and he was fuming.

via TikTok

He explained: “Me and my assistant are at my house, cosy, chillin’, and someone did a fake police call. There’s a police car, an ambulance, saying ‘Shots fired.’ You guys, I’m not kidding. Look. Someone watching this did a fake cop call on me, saying there were shots fired at my ranch. Whoever swatted me, you’re a stupid motherf*cker. It’s funny as f*ck, but it’s also really not.”

His whole life is chaos.

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