Eamonn Holmes has once again ripped into Phillip Schofield branding him as a ‘liar’ on live TV

‘He’s admitted he’s lied to everyone and yet people are deaf to this’

Eamonn Holmes has taken a fresh swing at Phillip Schofield as he slammed claims suggesting Schofield is being “bullied.”

Ever since ITV cut ties with Phillip Schofield for “lying” about an “unwise but not illegal” affair with a much younger colleague, Eamonn hasn’t been quiet about his opinion on the matter.

Eamonn Holmes has continuously taken digs and swipes at both Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. He made several claims in his GB News interview including that ITV knew about the affair. But just yesterday he spoke out about Phillip Schofield once again – here’s what he said.

‘The man has lied’

Eamonn Holmes said: “He’s admitted he’s lied to his colleagues, to the Daily Mail, to his family, his agents, to everyone. And yet people are deaf to this. People sit and go: ‘Poor Phillip, what’s he going through? He’s been bullied.’ He’s been this, he’s been that. The man has lied. He’s admitted he’s lied.”

Eamonn also made his thoughts clear on ITV boss Carolyn McCall. He said: “And where do we go from here? Carolyn McCall, what did you do about it? Because she’s woke sensitive, she’s very hands-on chief executive, but her hands are in all the wrong places it appears.”

Carolyn McCall recently insisted ITV investigated Phillip Schofield’s affair with a younger colleague but found “no evidence” and even revealed his former lover denied the affair 12 times. Eamonn said: “I suppose some of the areas she has to reassure people is, what is she like as regards protecting those who are vulnerable and the disciplinary procedures? They use all the usual nonsense and rubbish that they talk about, but they have to investigate.”

Eamonn demanded a transcript to be released proving ITV investigated Phillip Schofield’s affair.

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