TikTok spats and shady digs: The MAFS Australia 2023 cast members who are no longer friends

Melinda apparently ‘refused’ to take a photo with Evelyn recently


Season 10 of Married at First Sight Australia may have ended but the drama has only continued between the cast members and there has been some major beef like no other. Despite a bunch of them remaining friends after the cameras stopped rolling, a select few have been shading each other on social media and making it clear they do not like one another.

So who from this year’s cast are not on the best of terms and most importantly, why?

Shannon and Janelle

MAFS Australia not friends

via Nine Network Australia

Given Shannon and Janelle hardly interacted during MAFS Australia, it’s not shocking they are not the best of friends but it is fairly random Shannon has been calling her fake on social media.

Since getting access to their Instagram pages again, the cast have been responding to everything said about them in interviews, especially Shannon.

Way back when the show was airing, Janelle spoke with PEDESTRIAN.TV and said she could “see the tan was not evenly on his [Shannon’s] face.”

“I was just like, ‘Bro, stop’,” Janelle said. “The thing is, it’s even worse in person, like it was giving oompa loompa.”

Shannon has since addressed these comments on Instagram and noted that Janelle was “really nice” to him during their time on he experiment.

“And then I get that. Don’t apologise to people, just insult them straight after. And that’s a message to all your friends too,” he began.

“Because I guarantee you do the same thing to them. It’s like you’re smiling at them with your finger under the table. Fake as. Seriously.”

Janelle and Adam

MAFS Australia not friends

via Nine Network Australia

It comes as no surprise that Janelle and Adam didn’t stay friends after the experiment, but it goes even deeper than what viewers saw play out on TV.

After the reunion aired in Australia, Janelle claimed a huge moment between her and Adam was cut, proving they were still in the same place they left off at their final commitment ceremony.

“There was definitely a moment at the reunion where Adam tried to apologised to me,” Janelle told Yahoo. “On paper, it was a good apology, but I didn’t want to forgive someone if they weren’t apologetic for the right thing.”

“So when I tried to clarify his apology, it just came back with the same defensiveness and a whole new layer of excuses.”

Janelle admitted she wants to forgive Adam, “but it’s hard to forgive someone when they don’t take accountability.”

The former bride said she “wasn’t surprised” their spat didn’t air as “nothing new had happened”. She said: “Adam didn’t have any new revelations and accountability, I wasn’t going to forgive him, so the story was done.”

Claire and Melinda

MAFS Australia not friends

via Nine Network Australia

Claire and Melinda not being friends getting along is something a lot of MAFS Australia viewers didn’t see coming.

During an interview with Heat, Melinda revealed she doesn’t to Claire anymore. “I still don’t speak to Claire because of a lot of things that actually happened,” she said.

Melinda admitted that the cheating scandal with Claire and Adam created “quite a divide”, which has still continued to this day.

“It created a huge divide, especially with the girls,” Melinda continued. “It created a huge divide with the whole group, but they didn’t show any of that.”

Bronte and Claire

Bronte recently revealed she and Claire were no longer on speaking terms after the controversial bride made comments about her on a podcast.

Speaking to So Dramatic! Bronte said she learned of some “hurtful things” Claire said about her on a podcast after the show stopped filming.

“I trusted her and she trusted me,” she said. “She’s entitled to her opinion, but the most hurtful thing for me, I guess, when it does come to this whole me and Claire thing, I don’t want to speak a bad word about her. I wasn’t aware that we weren’t friends up until listening to that.”

In an episode of Where’s Your Head At? Claire said she was having a “battle” about being friends with Bronte after watching back the show.

“During MAFS, I connected with Bronte a lot,” the former bride said. “She’s strong, she’s sassy, she’s funny, we get along. I struggle because I know Bronte is not a stupid girl, I know that she’s smart. Watching [the show], you are either fake as sh*t, or you are either dumb as sh*t. Which one?

“And that is the battle that I’m having because I love her and I want to be friends with her. But watching that, I’m just like, ‘How can I stay true to my values and my morals… How can I be friends with somebody I may not necessarily fully trust?'”

Bronte claims she found out Claire had an issue with her through the podcast, saying she thought they were “closer” and that she is “really hurt by the things that were said”.

Bronte and Harrison (obvs)

via Nine Network Australia

It comes as no surprise that former MAFS Australia couple Bronte and Harrison are not friends, and they often make shady digs about one another on their social media pages.

A lot of the drama made its way onto TikTok and it’s quite entertaining given how silly it all is. In a video posted to TikTok, Bronte’s sister Kirra and her friend mouthed the lyrics to 6ix9ine’s GOOBA: “Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb, huh?”

“Us any time Hazza spoke. Who can relate?”, she wrote in the caption. Harrison was quick to fire back and wrote: “Making these vids just shows how much power I have over you and Bronte. Move on with your life. The rest of us have.”

Bronte was having none of it and replied: “‘Move on with your life the rest of us have’ SURELY YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS HAHAHA, my name is in the headline of every interview YOU do.”

Harrison and Lyndall

via Nine Network Australia

Harrison and Lyndall had a lot to say about one another in a heated exchange on Facebook after MAFS Australia aired and of course they are not friends. In the comment section of a Married at First Sight Australia group on Facebook, Harrison made a shady remark about Bronte and Lyndall was having absolutely none of it. The post was a photo of Bronte with a quote of something she said on a So Dramatic podcast.

Harrison claimed the photo was from “an organised pap shoot where Bronte and her family took the photographer out for dinner afterwards”.

Lyndall was quick to defend Bronte and wrote: “Bro, give it a REST. [The photographer] has taken photos of all of us, and asked all of us if we could organise a time to get pics.” Lyndall said she was at the “meet up” and they all got their photos taken, not just Bronte. “For someone who says they’re happy… you clearly haven’t let go.”

The former bride then accused Harrison of “doing a full blown smear campaign” by going on radio shows and tell-all interviews.

“If you don’t want her to have to keep defending herself, you need to stop putting crap out into the atmosphere that people want her to comment on,” she wrote.

Harrison clapped back and told Lyndall to “just stop”. “Lyndall you’re just lying now trying to change the narrative, nothing new from you I guess you’ve only got one trick, lie. With friends like you who needs enemies?”, he retorted.

Melinda and Evelyn

It has been recently reported that Melinda and Evelyn avoided one another at the Logie Awards nominations breakfast in Australia.

The pair formed a close friendship on the show but according to Daily Mail Australia, the brides are no longer speaking.

Melinda refused to pose for a photo alongside Evelyn according to someone who was in attendance at the Logie Awards nominations breakfast.

“[Evelyn and Melinda] were on opposite sides of the room and purposely avoiding each other,” claimed the eyewitness.

“It was very awkward as photographers were expecting them to pose together since MAFS was up for two awards.”

The brides have reportedly not spoken to each other “for weeks”. An insider claimed Evelyn was “disappointed with certain things Melinda said about her relationship and about Duncan.”

“It’s sad, Eve thought they were really good friends.”

The awkward photo snub comes after Melinda claimed Evelyn and Duncan were “only dating for the hype”.

“I feel like in the beginning, you know, maybe they didn’t realise it was going to be like a real relationship. Maybe it was more like a bit of a hype, [and] then it turned into a real relationship. That’s all I’m going to say,” Melinda told Heat.”

Evelyn and Tahnee

MAFS Australia not friends

via Nine Network Australia

MAFS Australia co-stars Evelyn and Tahnee are also a set of brides who are not friends. Their followers were quick to notice they don’t follow each other on social media or interact with one another.

An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle there is no rift between the brides but they just didn’t hit it off as friends after the show.

“There wasn’t a huge fight or anything, they’re just very different people and aren’t friends. Tahnee is a lot quieter and reserved compared to Evelyn’s other friends,” the source claimed.

However the source added Tahnee wasn’t best pleased when Evelyn and Duncan announced they were dating as she is good friends with Alyssa.

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