Love Island 2023 first episode memes

Love Island’s back and we all moaned – but these 23 memes prove it’s still hilarious

‘I love bum bum’? It’s gonna be a long summer

Well, it’s back. And there’s nothing we can do about it. We moaned, we groaned – but most importanly, we ensured we were seated for the second launch of Love Island we’ve had in 2023. And you know what? Despite all the eye-rolling and the declarations of how over it we are and how much we don’t care, the only thing worse than a new season of Love Island is not being tuned in to slag it all off on Twitter. As usual, the memes came in thick and fast for the first episode of Love Island 2023, so I’ve rounded up some of the funniest to perhaps put to bed all our little moans we came into the show with. Let’s face it, they’re what make the show worth watching.

1. A gorg queen who we will be stanning

2. Refuse to believe I’ve not known them my whole life


4. These were hell on earth, be serious

5. No one will ever touch God-Su’s legendary status

6. Let’s go girlies

7. The year of the face point

8. No no no EXACTLY

9. If I speak…

10. I need my vape girls!

11. Oh we need it

12. Bye

13. She’s so hot and for WHAT

14. Oh I’m nervy

15. I’m dead

16. The spirit of Will haha

17. The best reaction pic of all time

18. This haunting image is historical


20. I am actually mourning Ekin sorry

21. Sad day for foot fetishists

22. We won!

23. Tweet of the night

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