strawberry moon 2023

We’re about to get our annual Strawberry Moon and it will affect you, here’s how

Manifestation is for the girlies who like to slay

Our one and only Strawberry Moon of 2023 is happening this week and it is perfect for manifesting. So here’s everything you need to know about the spiritual meaning of the Strawberry Moon in 2023 and how you can manifest some good vibes into your life.

Right, just like literally any other full moon, the energy can be gorgeous and it will bring in some big changes to your life but only if you channel it in the right way. You can manifest all good and important changes in your life using the Strawberry Moon.

Here’s how to manifest during the Strawberry Moon 2023 and what it means


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The spirituality of the moon allows you the perfect opportunity to focus on the goals you want to achieve in life. Here are all the ways you can do this:

• Let go of negative energy

• Clear jar ritual

• Picture your future

June’s full moon will fall in Sagittarius meaning it can be a very mentally and verbally expressive time. Sagittarius is famously blunt and full moons bring drama so get ready for that.

Full moons can only take place when the moon is in the opposite zodiac sign from the sun. So, that means the full moon is in Sagittarius when it is Gemini season. The sun symbolises ego, will and purpose while the moon is all about emotions. The opposition between the two brings both of those parts into balance.

When to see the full Strawberry Moon in 2023

The full moon will reach its peak on Sunday 4th June at 4:41am. It’s named Strawberry Moon after the wild strawberries that ripen this month and can be gathered by Native American tribes. Other native names are Berries Ripen Moon, Green Corn Moon and Hot Moon.

It’s time to clean those crystals.

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Moon photo via Swapnil Potdar on Unsplash.