Avocado toast and white linen trousers: 51 beige flags every posh girl can painfully relate to

8. Ordering a Guinness

Welcome to the world of beige flags. In case you’ve missed it then beige flags are a sign that someone is a little bit odd, boring or lacks originality and what better way to connect two very similar words. So here we have 51 beige flags every single posh girl can relate to.

If you don’t relate to every one of these flags then congratulations, you’re a posh girl with a crumb of personality! Anyway, let’s get to it. Here are 51 beige flags every single posh girl waves.

Just 51 posh girl beige flags:

1. Exclusively drinking oat milk.

2. Playing croquet with their family as soon as they get a crumb of sun or a bank holiday.

3. Having a miniature dachshunds called something like Peanut or Olive.

4. Wearing that basic black North Face puffer.

5. Watching Harry Potter.

6. Buying the first round at a pub.

7. Going to the gym and posting about it on socials.

8. Ordering a Guinness.

9. Prioritising brunch with the girls.

10. Supporting Arsenal.

11. Using Snapchat above the age of 22.

12. Going to the south of any European country every year for a holiday.

13. Owning every colour of the Urban Outfitters Josie top.

14. Wearing an Urban Outfitters Josie top on a night out.

15. Having their entire room decked out in fairy lights.

16. Carrying a MacBook raw.

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17. Shopping at Oliver Bonas.

18. Never wearing a clean pair of shoes – especially white trainers.

19. Owning the Peachy Den jumpsuit.

20. Shopping on Vinted or Depop and making it their personality.

21. Candlelit dinner parties on a solid oak table (exclusively taper candles).

22. Posting pictures with their mum on Instagram but calling her “Mummy,” “Mumma” or “Mumsy.”

23. Only eating sourdough.

24. Buying a loaf of sourdough when they don’t even live at home anymore.

25. Hosting wine and cheese nights.

26. Vaguely knowing someone from Made in Chelsea.

27. Running an Etsy shop.

28. Having their own film camera Instagram account.

29. Posting film camera pictures on their Instagram story with shit music playing in the background because they think it’s cool.

30. Owning white linen trousers.

31. Owning Birkenstock suede Bostons.

32. Going up to the bar and ordering the cheapest lager when they don’t even like beer.

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33. Checking with the waitress they served a double shot of gin in their drink to make sure everyone knows it is a double.

34. Their fridge is full of mozzarella and sun dried tomato snacks.

35. Having a wave tattoo or any other gap year tattoo.

36. Owning a Fiat 500.

37. Making grwm TikTok videos before going to campus despite not getting any views.

38. Owning a ring light.

39. Getting picked up by their parents in a Land Rover.

40. Owning an expensive yoga mat or a yoga bag carrier which never gets used.

41. Syrups in coffee.

42. Daunt book tote bag.

43. Owning crystals without any clue what they’re called or what they mean.

44. Calling out “it’s 11:11” and making a wish.

45. Having a personalised number plate.

46. Calling their Depop page a business.

47. Calling summer “Aperol season.”

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48. Wearing fluffy bucket hats and not as a joke.

49. Avocado toast every single day without fail.

50. Saying they’re broke because they don’t want to dip into their savings.

51. Having savings.

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