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An Indian restaurant in Sunderland has shared Beyoncé’s takeaway curry order and I’m obsessed

Our girl loves a chicken bhuna

From the moment Beyoncé stepped foot in Sunderland it was obviously going to be an iconic era for the Queen of pop music. She’s been working hard every night on her huge world Renaissance tour and, obv, the girls got to eat. Her meal of choice in Tyne and Wear? A massive curry takeaway.

Yup. It turns out Beyoncé fuelled her performance with a curry order Smithy from Gavin and Stacey would be proud of and, honestly, good for her.

Ordering from Bombay Barn in Washington (4.5 stars on TripAdvisor and 4.3 stars on Just Eat), Beyoncé opted for their extremely British core “Curry Tapas Box”, which includes: Chicken Mossala, Lamb Curry, Chicken Bhuna, Vegetable Bhaji, Pilau Rice and Indian Chunky Chips, for the extremely reasonable price of £24.99.

The world learned of Beyoncé’s iconic British curry order when Bombay Barn posted her receipt on Facebook, which also revealed she’d ordered a Smashed Burger Pizza with stuffed crusts (£16.49) alongside the Curry Tapas Box.

“Nothing to see here, just a takeaway order for Beyoncé’s crew, with delivery backstage at her gig at he Stadium of Light!” Bombay Barn wrote in their post. “Please deliver to Backstage Crew,” the order receipt requested and added a “authentication” code for the delivery driver to get through the gates.

As any sane business would, Bombay Barn are now offering a Curry Tapas Box giveaway so that you can eat like Beyoncé, too.

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Featured image credit via Mason Poole for Parkwood Entertainment.