From free holidays to film roles: Inside Olivia Hawkins’ wild life since Love Island

She was made for this life

Since Love Island 2023, Olivia Hawkins has kept booked and busy. Not a day goes by where she hasn’t posted on her Instagram grid, checking into a fancy PR event or a holiday, or just posting a selfie of herself all glammed up.

She’s now got just over 300k Instagram followers, and has fully embraced the post-Love Island, influencer lifestyle. Here’s everything Olivia Hawkins has been up to since she left the winter Love Island 2023 villa.

Olivia left Love Island with Maxwell, but that didn’t last very long

Olivia and Maxwell ended things two weeks after the show finished. They had been surrounded by split rumours for a while, after being spotted apart a lot.

A source told The Sun: “Although it was rumoured they’d already split, they had a proper chat about where their relationship was going and they both agreed the writing was on the wall. They had fun while it lasted, and there are no hard feelings at all, but he obviously went to Mexico, and Olivia has been focusing on work projects. They have naturally drifted apart.”

Since Love Island, Olivia has continued her acting career

When Olivia joined the villa she was working as an extra and had featured in films, Netflix shows and adverts. Since leaving the villa, she has said she wants to continue this career, and has even landed a role in an upcoming Hollywood movie.

Speaking previously to The Tab, Olivia said after the villa she is now looking forward to returning to her acting work, in particular trying her hand at comedy. “Going into Love Island, I always knew that I’d come out and have the exact same career,” she said. “I want to stay in television, stay acting and I’ll just see what comes my way. I would love to do a comedy series.”

She’s also landed a role in the newest Fast and Furious movie, Fast X, which is due to be released on May 19th. She confirmed she’s an extra in a party scene, and filmed her bits in London.

With her Love Island fame, she’s also landed free holidays and sponsored content

Olivia has taken every opportunity that’s come her way, and it shows. It looks as though Olivia is friends with loads of ex-Islanders now, as she recently jetted off to Ibiza on a PR trip with fashion brand, Shein.

She was out there with Demi and Molly from 2020, and Lucinda and Liberty from 2021. They were there for just one day, but still Olivia managed to post all over her Instagram story, and three times on the grid.

Olivia has also been doing adverts with Silq Liqueurs, BoohooMAN, Ann Summers and White Fox Boutique. It’s believed she can earn just under £1k per Instagram post now.

She’s had her lip filler dissolved

Olivia Hawkins since Love Island 2023

via Instagram @livhawkinss

Not long after the show, Olivia posted on Instagram to say she’s dissolved her lip filler. Sharing a picture of her lips, she said: “Had my top lip filler dissolved today. Been wanting to have it done for a while. Let me know if you guys want a video on how it was!”

Of course, since Love Island the beef between Olivia and Zara has continued

Will the drama between Olivia and Zara ever end? It looks like no. This year, it was revealed Olivia and Zara knew each other before the show, and had a big falling out, which people thought was the reason behind their explosive fight in the villa.

Then, after the show ended, they continued their beef – talking about each other on podcasts and making petty, indirect TikToks with digs and sly comments.

Zara’s most recently said she has “nothing left to say” to Olivia and added Olivia has been a “recurring issue” since the show. “I have nothing to say to Olivia anymore to be honest, we saw her at the last event and it’s very much cold,” she told The Sun. “Everyone else I love, I’ve got good vibes with everyone else but I feel like she’s been the recurring issue personally.”

Every day is full glam these days

Since the show, Liv has definitely been making the most of having a glam squad at her fingertips. Every single post on her Instagram is her all dressed up for events and nights out.

She recently attended the Pride of Manchester awards, reuniting with loads of her fellow Islanders. Samie, Tom, Casey, Claudia, Sanam, Kai, Lana and Ron were all among those who went.

She’s living!

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