Tanya claims she got a ‘bad edit’ while appearing on winter Love Island 2023

Shaq said Tanya isn’t the ‘big bad villain people think she is’

Winter Love Island contestants Tanya and Shaq have hit back at how Tanya was portrayed on the reality TV series.

The couple were OGs on the winter season and came fourth place after several bumps in their relationship. Speaking to OK! Tanya and Shaq revealed they thought her “edit” was unfair.

Having watched their season back, Shaq said his girlfriend isn’t “this big, bad villain that people think she was. She is honestly the nicest, kindest girl I’ve ever met and I wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case,” he explained, with Tanya agreeing.

The former finalist said: “You can tell from when we had villa votes to outside votes, we never got picked because we were actually decent. And they could tell how I am because they know how I am. But then obviously on the screen, it can be different. But yeah, I think I got a pretty bad edit because that’s not me.”

Tanya and Shaq faced a lot of scrutiny during their relationship as a result of Tanya returning to the villa with Martin after Casa Amor, however it all seems to be water under the bridge as they are stronger than ever.

Talking about the reaction they received from viewers after the show, Shaq said a lot of it was “negative” but also positive.

“That’s social media switching, one day they like you and they didn’t like you. So I feel like we’ve come out everyone was like, ‘Oh my god you did this’ but now they’ve seen our real personalities,” Tanya said.

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