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What’s going on with Beyoncé’s foot? Inside the mystery surgery stopping her dance on tour

Fans are literally going into meltdown


Stop traffic, hold press— there’s something wrong with Beyoncés foot. Yup, on opening night of her 40-show Renaissance tour in Stockholm last night, fans noticed she was barely dancing and taking breaks to sit down by singing ballads. If there’s anything anyone knows about Beyoncé, it’s that she’s putting on a show and, while she still wowed critics and fans in Sweden, it seriously seems like something’s up if she’s not throwing it back like usual.

“Beyoncé trying to dance with only half a foot,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “Beyoncé can take my foot I don’t need it fr,” added another. “She isn’t moving or dancing as much as she usually does,” said a third. “She still performing her ass off though.” But, what’s actually going on with Beyoncé foot injury? Let’s take a closer look:

So, what’s actually wrong with Beyoncés foot?

It’s worth remembering, Beyoncé has been performing in the music industry, singing and dancing, for over 20 years. So, it’s kind of unsurprising she’s sustained a foot injury this far into her career carrying the music industry.

On her Renaissance world tour, fans have noticed her leaning against scenery, sitting during songs, and being given a helping hand by her backing dancers rather than fully throwing herself into choreography like usual.

Beyoncé has been reportedly recovering from surgery on her foot since January, when fans started to notice she was struggling during her performance at the Atlantis the Royal in Dubai.

“There’s some clips you can see her limping a bit when walking out in to the fountain.,” wrote one fan after the private concert. “Hopefully she has a smooth recovery and heals up soon.”

Ok, so what foot surgery did Beyoncé have?

Fans first heard Beyoncé had had foot surgery after her January performance in January when journalist Garrick Kennedy, who attended the private concert Tweeted about it.

“BEYLANTIS was quite the unexpected show,” he wrote. “That voice just gets better and better. Mama was doing her good singing. Mind-blowing to see her and Blue Ivy perform together. Even more in awe to hear she did this after foot surgery.”

Garrick has since deleted the Tweet and no further information has been released about what foot injury Beyoncé sustained, how well surgery went, or how long it will take her to fully recover.

So, to get answers, we spoke to a podiatrist about what’s actually going on with Beyoncé’s foot. Read the answers here.

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