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Omg, the woman who owns Chanel the parrot has been charged over an £800k cannabis haul

Maybe that’s why Chanel flew away

The owner of the iconic African Grey Parrot Chanel has been charged on the suspicion of importing nearly £800,000 worth of cannabis.

Sandra Hannah went viral back in 2020 after her pet bird, notably an African Grey Parrot, flew away and she filmed herself in the street bellowing “CHANELLLL!” at the top of her voice. She became a meme overnight and three years later, all British people would recognise her Liverpudlian accent anywhere.

Now in a turn of events, the 43-year-old from Merseyside has been charged today on suspicion of possessing criminal property and importing cannabis from abroad, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Her arrest alongside another British man , 55-year-old Ian Hannah, comes after a joint sting operation between the National Crime Agency and Merseyside Police which saw 237.6kg of cannabis resin seized over a two day period. The drugs which had been imported from Spain and concealed in citronella tubs have been valued at approximately £792,000.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said: “Over the past two days there has been a joint operation between Operation Pelican, sefton investigations team and the National Crime Agency which has resulted in two adults being charged with the importation of 237.6kg of Cannabis Resin from Spain. This has been valued at approximately £792,000.

“Ian Hannah, 55, and Sandra Hannah, 43, of Cumberland Gate, Netherton have both been charged with importation of cannabis and possession of criminal property. Hannah and Hannah have been remanded and will appear before Magistrates’ Court this morning.”

Featured image via YouTube.

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