‘CHANELLL’: We asked Chanel the parrot’s owner if she’s calmed down yet

She just wanted a trip down the canal!!

Look, we know you’ve seen the iconic video of Chanel the African grey parrot, whose owner was screaming her name through the streets of Merseyside after she went missing. People absolutely ate this video up and the memes that have come from Chanel’s disappearance have been relentless.

Her family said it was the “worst experience”, but fortunately, Chanel was found safe and sound not long after disappearing. If you haven’t seen this thrilling saga yet you should seriously be questioning your lockdown habits, but just in case you haven’t, here’s the video of Chanel’s owner livestreaming her disappearance:

Thankfully, Chanel was found unharmed, so we hunted through the never ending memes and videos to find out who owns Chanel and see how they’re doing.

It turns out her owner is Sandra from Netherton, who goes by “Chanel’s Ma” on Twitter, and we caught up with her to check in on Chanel since she went missing down the canal.

On Chanel’s disappearance, Sandra told The Liverpool Tab: “We were in the garden and didn’t notice the food door was unlocked on the side of her cage.

“She got close to it and someone made a really loud noise with their lawnmower or something and it frightened her and she flew straight off.”

Sandra added: “It was the worst experience we’ve all ever had!

“She is like our family especially to my kids, she’s like an extra sister.

“I would love to say a MASSIVE thank you to absolutely everyone that helped us out to find her! So many people started helping out so quickly it was crazy!!”

When asked about Chanel going viral, Sandra told the Liverpool Tab: “We love all of the funny memes people are making.

“Chanel loves watching them for hours! Keep them coming!

“We love everyone so so much. CHANEEELLL.”

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