Josh had off screen engagement during Love Is Blind season four

Um, so Josh actually got engaged to someone else during Love Is Blind season four

Netflix chose not to include them in the roundup of off-screen engagements, yikes

Earlier this week, it was revealed there were two extra couples who got engaged off-screen during Love Is Blind season four. This is a standard now, as the show picks a maximum of five couples to focus on post the pods. But one couple who Netflix actively chose not to include in the roundup of couples who got engaged during this season of Love Is Blind included controversial character, Josh.

Yep, you know Josh. The guy who had a connection with Jackie and ultimately came back with his dangly earring and was the main catalyst in Jackie and Marshall’s relationship coming to an end. In the reunion Jackie and Josh didn’t even turn up, and instead did a cosy home interview to announce they’re still together.

But, as all this was going on, it wasn’t mentioned that Josh had a connection with someone else, and even went as far as getting engaged to her.

Posting on Instagram, cast member Monica shared her story alongside a picture of her engagement ring. “Since EVERYONE was given the opportunity to share their stores, I can finally tell mine,” she said. “Many of you have messaged me about my journey asking if I found love in the pods. As many of you might know, not all stories are shown on camera.

“When I joined Love is Blind I was truly ready to find the love of my life. I had spent intentional time working on myself and ensuring I was who I wanted to be, for myself and my future partner. I wanted to show up emotionally/mentally healthy and available.

“This experiment encouraged me to be vulnerable and share parts of myself that are not easily accessible. As my relationships began to develop, I thought I had found somebody who finally saw me and accepted me for me. I accepted his proposal and we were onto the reveal.”

She went on to say as she met her new partner “reality set in and my heart and mind were torn”. She explained she “wasn’t sure” if she had made the right decision. “The only thing I did know was that you shouldn’t feel torn on your engagement day,” Monica added. “It should be a decision in your life that is made with great confidence and no second thoughts.

“This is when I realised that this wasn’t gods plan for me. I wasn’t at peace with my decision and ended our engagement shortly after filming.” She went on to add a lil sly dig, saying: “Yes, I did keep the ring.”

In further Instagram stories Monica has said the man she got engaged to during Love Is Blind was Josh. People on the post have questioned why Netflix didn’t include them in the roundup of off-screen engagements, to which Monica said: “I noticed as well which is why I’m sharing on my platform. Not sure why they didn’t include ours.”


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