What is WaterTok and why can’t Americans just drink regular water like the rest of us?

I will never take Ribena for granted again

If you live on TikTok, which if we’re being honest you definitely do, you would’ve seen people talking about WaterTok. The trend is literally everywhere and no matter how hard I try, I can’t escape it with the hashtag already having nearly 95 million views on the app.

If you, like the rest of us, go about your day drinking regular, plain old water, whether that be from your emotional support water bottle or trending Stanley cup, then it would seem you’re part of the minority. Basically WaterTok is people finding whatever way they can to drink anything but plain water, whilst still somehow referring to it as “water”. So here’s everything you need to know about the viral TikTok craze WaterTok:

What actually is WaterTok?

This new drink trend sees influencers and content creators create fun recipes for flavoured drinks to encourage themselves, and influence others, to drink more water and stay hydrated. With people in the comments sections of these videos claiming that squash such as Ribena is a luxury only us Brits are allowed to enjoy, Americans are left with packets of powdered flavouring and sugar syrups, the likes of which are often used to sweeten coffee, in order to artificially flavour their water.

WaterTok enthusiasts post videos of their “water of the day” where they share the recipe they have come up with so their viewers can create their own sugary concoction, all the while still referring to it as just “water”, at home. The master mixologists suggest combinations of powder packets and sugar syrups that create a flavour reminiscent of popular foods, deserts or alcoholic beverages such as pina colada, birthday cake and banana split.

One pioneer of the trend on TikTok, Tonya Spanglo, encourages followers to drink water in this fashion if it enables them to drink more water throughout the day, proclaiming: “We’ve got water goals to reach!” Honestly, how anyone can call any of these amateur mocktails water is beyond me.

Here are some of the most unhinged WaterTok videos:


someone needs to introduce you all to the concept of squash #watertok #uktiktok #dilutingjuice #waterrecipe



Like girl grow up and drink plain water😭 “0 calories 0 sugar” imagine what is in it then😭 sorry yall im just baffled #watertok2023

♬ Bombastic Side Eye Criminal Offensive Side Eye – CasaDi


‼️This is just a joke‼️ As a casual observer of watertok, I find their potion’s fascinating. Keep doing you, you modern day apothecaries. #watertok #watertoks #waterecipe #wateroftheday #nichetok

♬ Parks and Watertok – Elena

Please just drink regular water besties, it’s not called the elixir of life for nothing x

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