Lalala or okokok: This TikTok test tells you which type of Tyler, the Creator fan you are

Lalala and okokok friendships are unmatched

The okokok or lalala test is the latest viral quiz going around on TikTok and it’s been inspired by Tyler, the Creator’s song See You Again featuring Kali Uchis.

The test essentially determines your vibe depending on what you hear first. In the song, Tyler repeats “Ok” while Kali sings “Lalala.” Now uQuiz have turned it into a physical quiz and everyone on TikTok is sharing whether they’re more okokok or lalala and the results are fascinating. Here’s where you can take the TikTok test to see if you’re more of an okokok Tyler, the Creator fan or a lalala.

What type of Tyler, the Creator fan are you? Okokok or lalala

Okay so you can find the quiz on uQuiz, a site where people can create their own tests. It was originally posted by someone with the username mintysoap and contains 11 questions which the person taking the quiz must answer before they can get their result.

Here’s everything you’ll get asked by the quiz

• First up you’ll get asked to type your name in

• Then the first question asks “You just found out that your favourite singer is problematic! What do you do?”

• Question two is: “You find out that your best friend has actually been seeing your ex for months without telling you! What’s your immediate response?”

• Question three: “What’s your ideal pet?”

• Question four: “How much are you willing to spend on concert tickets for your absolute favourite singer?”

• Question five: “What do you do when you can’t sleep?”

• Question six: “What’s your skin type?”

• Question seven: “How much water do you drink?”

• Question eight: “Choose a song that I’ve listened to in the past hour”

• Question nine: “What’s your preferred way of laughing on text?”

• Question 10: “If you could be eating anything right now, what would you want to eat?”

• Question 11 then asks you to type your favourite song and give a reason why you love it.

You’ll then be presented with your result. It turns out the majority of people get okokok and only a third get lalala as their result.

okokok lalala quiz tiktok

The best way to describe it is through okokok being an extrovert and lalala being an introvert. They just go so well together and make the best friends in terms of being compatible.

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