TikTok manifestation girlies reckon saying ‘I’m dead’ at a joke is low-key ruining our lives

I literally have no personality left at this point

Everyone says “I’m dead” when they hear a funny joke – it’s a forced habit. But according to the manifestation girlies on TikTok, this kind of negative phrasing can send bad vibes to your brain and eventually have an impact on how you feel.

TikTok user @barenuritionhealth claims making comments such as “I’m dead” and “I’m deceased” might be a joke but our brains can’t tell the difference. The more you say something, the more real it becomes. This is all to do with manifestation and the law of attraction – the idea that positive thoughts bring you positive things.

Justin Paulsen, a psychotherapist at Westland Therapy Group says: “The words we say in our head out loud definitely feed back into our brain and affect how we think, feel, and see the world.” He says if you think of your thoughts and words as water, you’re flowing more water down a self-depreciating pathway every time you speak negatively about yourself.

Essentially, when you spend time thinking negative thoughts, you’re training your brain to show you more negativity and less positivity. You might even end up missing positive opportunities that show up because you’ve programmed your brain to focus on the negative aspects of your life.

This theory is very similar to lucky girl syndrome, where your words become your reality. So maybe it’s time to stop whipping out that skull emoji at any given chance?

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