A breakdown of every major scandal in Bronte and Harrison’s relationship on MAFS Australia

Viewers have likened their relationship to a ‘pantomime’

Married at First Sight Australia co-stars Bronte and Harrison had a relationship like no other, from constant arguments to tears during multiple commitment ceremonies.

Bronte and Harrison had their fair share of scandals on the show going all the way back to their wedding day. So while it’s clear the pair are no longer together on the outside, here is a look back on every single scandal that rocked Bronte and Harrison on MAFS Australia.

Bronte found out Harrison was seeing someone days before their wedding day

Bronte Harrison scandal MAFS Australia

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On Bronte and Harrison’s wedding day, the couple were rocked by a scandal just hours after saying, ‘I do’. One of Bronte’s guests recognised Harrison as he had been seeing her friend before going on the show.

Bronte’s friend told the bridge who was, as to be assumed, rocked to her core. Bronte pulled Harrison up on the rumour and he admitted it was true but they were no longer seeing each other. Yikes!

Bronte knew about Harrison and who he was seeing before MAFS Australia

Bronte Harrison scandal MAFS Australia

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Although their wedding day was shock after shock, leaked voice notes suggested Bronte actually knew about Harrison and his escapades before they went on the show.

A month before the show was filmed, Bronte sent a number of voice notes to her friend Jessica, the guest who supposedly revealed Harrison’s secret woman/

In one voice note, Bronte said: “Oh my god. I’m actually triggered, Like, what am I supposed to do? Like, if one of the other girls gets him, I’m dead… If he is my match, I’m going to f**king play that to my advantage.”

Bronte has since admitted it was her in the voice recordings, but says she did not know Harrison was going to be her husband on the show. “I never actually got told Harrison’s name before the wedding… My face and reactions to Harrison at the altar were legit.”

Harrison took a woman’s number during a night out

Bronte Harrison scandal MAFS Australia

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During the second dinner party, Harrison and Dan were accused of swapping numbers with women on a boy’s night out. Harrison told Adam about what happened and Janelle overheard.

Harrison attempts to cover his tracks and says it was Dan who got the numbers and not the both of them. He later admits to producers he did get someone’s number, not Dan.

“I got it, deleted it as soon as she walked off,” he said. “[I didn’t] see it was a big deal. I was laughing it off with my mate.”

There was A LOT of drama during partner swap week

During the partner swap activity, Harrison found himself in hot water as he and Bronte had to swap with Melinda and Layton. “Anyone but Melinda,” Harrison said.

The swap was nothing but awkward given Harrison previously slating Melinda and calling her relationship with Layton “toxic”.

Bronte’s sister goes in on Harrison during the home stays week

Bronte Harrison scandal MAFS Australia

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Bronte’s sister, Kirra, did not hold back when it came to giving her opinion on Harrison to his face.

During one spat, Kirra said: “Do you understand how narcissistic that is? You’re saying her emotions and how she felt in that time is not valid because you don’t see it that way.”

She continued on and called him a “narcissistic, gaslighting d*ckhead” and a “coward”.

Harrison tries to expose Bronte during the reunion episode

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Another scandal that erupted during Bronte and Harrison was during the MAFS Australia reunion episodes. Harrison attempted to expose Bronte. A few days before the reunion Bronte reached out to the woman who Harrison was supposedly seeing before the show, asking what the nature of their relationship was.

“You don’t have to like me but take Jess out of this, take Harrison out of this, woman to woman. I honestly just want some clarity,” Bronte asked in one of the messages.

“Just a yes or no [to] whether you two were seeing each other for longer than one to two weeks… And did he ask to see you while packing his bags, etc?”

Harrison printed out these messages for the group to see but it just turned into everyone poking fun at the groom and making a paper aeroplane out of the paper.

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