Miles Made in Chelsea

Miles claims Made in Chelsea producers used specific tactic to stop him quitting the show

He’s sticking around for another season

Just before the start of Made in Chelsea season 25, Miles Nazaire claimed he was pretty much done with the show. “I think I’ve had a bit of a backlash,” he said on his podcast with Charlie Radnedge of the controversy that followed him kissing, dating, or sleeping with just about every female cast member in SW3.

“A lot of people who know me, know that’s not a true representation of who I am,” he said. “Doing a show for the last five years, and let’s be real, my ‘character’ on the show has been the fuck boy. There’s a part of me that’s a bit sick of it….I haven’t had much of a private life…If [Made in] Chelsea was no more, it would mean all my dramas wouldn’t be aired on TV.”

Yet, despite being seemingly done with reality television, when Made in Chelsea returned to screens last week, there was Miles. Not quite at the centre of the drama, but balancing on the outskirts, watching the aftermath of his secret Bali kiss with Yas continue to cause arguments between Willow and Issy in nightclubs and restaurants across Chelsea.

So, what’s going on? Why the sudden whiplash career move to stay on the show that’s causing him so much stress? Well, apparently MIC producers were just willing to pull whatever strings they could to stop Miles from quitting. “He was going to leave,” Miles close friend and new cast member Temps revealed to Heat. “They basically said ‘what can we do to keep you'”.

During negotiations with Channel 4, Temps claims Miles said he’d only return to Made in Chelsea for another season if Temps could feature on the show, too. But, in the first two episodes, Temps has been less of an ally and more of a meddler – constantly putting his foot in his mouth to leave Miles in awkward situations. “It might look like I’m shit stirring,” says Temps. “But I’m just trying to stitch him [Miles] up a little bit.”

Let’s see if he lasts till season 26.

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