Inside the Jackie, Marshall and Josh love triangle drama happening on Love Is Blind season four

I need justice for Marshall

Jackie Bonds accepted Marshall Glaze’s proposal in the Love Is Blind season four pods. But episode seven showed the first fight between Jackie and Marshall and it was verrry messy. The argument happened off-camera but the audience essentially saw Jackie telling Marshall she wants him to be more aggressive and forward, to which Marshall felt Jackie wasn’t calling him “man enough.”

Jackie also aired out her frustrations with their sex life and asked Marshall why he was still with her. He said he saw her as a “project” and he saw “potential,” not the best response to be fair to Jackie. Anyway, they argued more but then hugged it out. However things continued to get more messy between the pair at Chelsea’s birthday party.

At the party, other matches from the pods turn up, including Jackie’s other match Josh. In the pods, Jackie was really torn between Josh and Marshall but in the end she chose Marshall. But once Josh showed up at Chelsea’s birthday, it was clear Jackie’s feelings for Josh were not resolved.

As soon as Josh arrives, the rest of the cast doesn’t seem too pleased. He picks a fight with Marshall and tells him he is going to “steal his girl,” and flirts with Jackie in front of Marshall. At one point in the episode, Jackie and Josh sit alone together and talk. The episode ends on a big cliffhanger after Josh asks Jackie to choose him instead.

But the drama hasn’t stopped here after TikTok user @DadesMemories shared a video of the two at a baseball game, walking in together and wearing very cozy outfits. Josh and Jackie both haven’t been seen in any of the Love Is Blind wedding scenes and fans are spiralling over it.

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