Irina has apologised for ‘mistreating’ her co-stars while on Love Is Blind

‘I’m still figuring out the person I want to be’

Love Is Blind cast member Irina Solomonova has issued an apology about her behaviour on the Netflix series.

The 26-year-old was in a couple with Zack while on Love Is Blind, but their relationship ended quickly after their pre-engagement honeymoon due their failure to establish a physical connection.

Irina has faced a wave of negativity from viewers due to her treatment of others on the show and she has since taken the time to apologise publicly. Irina started the video by saying she had apologised “privately” to those she “mistreated” on Love Is Blind.

“The first thing I want to say is that I have privately apologised to the people I have hurt and mistreated,” she began. “Second of all I am so so sorry to the people who watched the show that felt frustrated, angry or hurt by the way I mistreated people on the show. It was very immature and naive of me in a lot of those situations.”

Irina Love Is Blind apology

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She continued to apologise to specific people on the show she hurt including Zack, Bliss, Amber, Jackie and Micah. She said: “None of those people deserve to be treated the way I treated them. I am genuinely so so sorry. I want to add value to people and I want to make people feel seen and who I was on the show is the complete opposite of that person.”

Irina explained that being on the show, she felt as though a mirror was put in front of her to see herself in a different way and it helped her understand herself better. “I’m still processing and going through everything that happening,” she continued.

“I just wanted to say I’m still figuring out the person I want to be and that I want to move forward to be. I know none of those things are okay. Even Zack was so vulnerable with me and I mistreated him and shut him out and I hope one day I get to share my experience and what was going on with me emotionally.”

Zack, who was briefly engaged to Irina, has since admitted he made the wrong choice of choosing her over Bliss. In response to a fan on Instagram, Zack said: “Maybe I thought she [Bliss] was a little too good for me. I wasn’t thinking about who was best for me. I was thinking about whose family would accept me.

“And who would actually say, ‘I do’, at the altar. And who would be able to accept me. All of me. I definitely did make the wrong choice. But first choice doesn’t mean best choice.”

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