April Fools 2023

Matt Hancock cheese to Tango dog treats: The best and worst attempts at April Fools’ Day 2023

Ed Sheeran as Prince Harry could work one day!

April Fools’ Day is a time of year where everyone can pull pranks and get away with it scot-free. Everyone loves to get involved and see how they mug people off, from huge brands to small businesses, it always happens! It’s just one of those things that brings the nation together, even if the prank is really lame.

Some of the April Fools 2023 pranks have been nothing short of chaotic and fooled A LOT of people, but there are also a fair few that everyone saw coming. Here are the very best and absolute worst attempts to fool people on April Fools’ 2023.

Ed Sheeran to make West End debut in a musical based on Prince Harry’s autobiography

In an iconic April Fools prank that duped a lot of people, WhatsOnStage announced Ed Sheeran would be making his West End debut in Spare musical, based on Prince Harry’s Autobiography.

The musical was said to be produced by the Duke of Sussex’s new theatre company, Sussex Grove, and will feature key moments from Harry’s life, family tensions and romantic experiences. Ed Sheeran was reportedly “itching” to making his West End debut “for years” and had been working on the project “for months”.

I’m hoping this will come into fruition one day so I can give Ed Sheeran all the flowers.

Walkers said they were introducing heart shaped crisps

Crisp company Walkers announced it would be introducing brand new heart-shaped crisps, “made with love from the world’s first every heart shaped potato farm”. Did they even try to make it sound real?

Robinsons said they were launching a sweet and savoury squash flavour

In another brand attempt at pranking the masses, Robinsons announced it would be launching a brand new succulent ham and juicy pineapple flavour. Give me a moment while I throw up.

April Fools 2023

Charlotte White, Marketing Director at Robinsons, said: “Robinsons customers have been crying out for us to expand our flavour offering to sweet and savoury combinations for years. Ham and pineapple is a well-established flavour combination when it comes to pizza, so it was a no-brainer to bring that to the world of squash.”

Sure Jan!

Tango said they were launching a line of dog treats

Again, who were they trying to fool? A dog? Tango announced it would be introducing three new flavours as part of its Tang-Treats range for dogs.

April Fools 2023

Tango Brand Manager, Victoria Burridge, explained moving to the pet food market was a “natural progression for Tango”. She said: “There are more dog owners in the UK than ever in recent memory, and they have become such a big part of owners’ lives – with more than four in ten saying they love their dogs more than their partners.”

Ant and Dec said they were in talks to star in the new James Bond film

As if Dec and Ant wasn’t bad enough in 2021! This year Ant and Dec shared a post they were in talks to join the cast of the next James Bond movie. Give over!

In a press release, the duo said: “Ant and Dec have confirmed they are in talks to join the cast of the next instalment in the James Bond franchise. While the titular character’s casting remains unconfirmed, the dapper Geordie duo are in negotiations to join the cast as two new characters.”

Strongbow announced its new flavour and it sounded horrid

Strongbow, known for its dark fruits cider announced it would be collaborating “two of the nation’s favourite drinks”, and please get yourself a sick bag at the ready. The cider company announced it would be introducing a builder’s tea cider to their lineup of iconic ciders.

McDonald’s unveiled the ‘Big McNugget Boot’

Did anyone even try this year? McDonald’s announced it would be dropping the Big McNugget Boot, “the most flavoursome shoe of SS23”. Given the tweet only got 300 odd likes it’s safe to say no one bought it.

An advertising agency said it had been hired to launch Matt Hancock’s own cheese brand

An advertising agency announced it had been hired to launch a cheddar cheese brand for Matt Hancock this April Fools’ Day 2023. The mock-up of the cheese has Hancock’s face printed on it and reads: “Matt Hancock’s cheddar cheese for the people.”

Malibu and Irn-Bru announced they were joining forces to create a new drink

Drinks companies Irn-Bru and Malibu announced they would be joining forces to create Mali-Bru. The drink would consist of the rum and fizzy soda being mixed together. Malibu shared the collaboration on Twitter and wrote: “Introducing MaliBru, the Scottish nectar with the refreshing taste of summer. A perfect clash of two worlds both unashamedly proud to do whatever tastes phenomenal.”

Burger King said it was launching Doritos Chilli Heatwave chicken fries

Is it bad I kind of wish this was a real meal on the menu? In an attempt that fooled me this April Fools’ Day, Burger King announced it’s iconic chicken fries would now be coated in chilli heatwave tortilla chips. It would sure be foolish to miss out on the opportunity to taste these new fries, shame it’ll never happen!

Tala announced it was launching front scrunch leggings to show off your camel toe

An item absolutely no one asked for is camel toe leggings. During today’s foolish pranks, clothing brand Tala announced it would be introducing a Sculpt Seamless FrontScrunch. “Everything you love about your super soft, sculpt seamless leggings, created to put your camel toe on show,” the company wrote on Instagram.

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Featured image credit via Strongbow and Robinsons.