Viral TikTok makes phone feel like air conditioning unit

This TikTok makes your phone feel like an air conditioning unit and I’m losing my mind

My phone is getting cooler I can FEEL it

There is a TikTok going viral right now which claims to make your phone feel like an air conditioning unit when you play it, and no you’re not losing your mind, it does feel as though it actually works.

The video, which has had over 18million views, has left people completely shook as it genuinely does make you feel as though the room around you is getting cooler, and like there’s a fan in your phone.

It’s clever how it works. The TikTok is literally just a picture of an air conditioning unit, but the sounds and vibrations in the audio really make you feel as though you’re sat in front of a fan. “The placebo effect is just too realistic,” one person said in the comments. Another added: “The placebo effect is working real strong right now.”

The placebo effect is basically when your mind or body reacts to something which is a “dummy”. For example, if someone gave you something and told you it would relax you, you automatically feel relaxed just because you feel as though you should, even if what you were given has zero relaxing abilities.

In this case, it’s believed the exact sound and vibrations you associate with an air conditioning unit, as shown in the TikTok, automatically trigger your brain to feel the feelings you associate with those noises, i.e. like there’s a fan in your phone and cold air is coming out, or the temperature in the room decreasing.

It really is magical.

Here’s the original video, which you should definitely be saving for summer. People have also found similar videos, which apparently make your phone cold. Here are a further few examples to try:

I’m shook?!

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