Ranked: The Love Island 2023 cast members who’ve gained the most Instagram followers

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The Love Island 2023 cast were hit with an Instagram ban this year, meaning nobody was looking after their accounts whilst they were in the villa. This was to help Islanders with the onslaught of comments they get on their pages, but has overall meant they’ve seen a huge dent in their usual follower counts.

You expect Islanders to leave the villa and be in the dizzy heights of millions of followers. The least followed Islanders are barely scraping five-figures, and the most followed are still all way below a million.

Here is a ranking of who from the cast of Love Island 2023 has gained the most Instagram followers.

Shaq Muhammad – 177k 

Love Island 2023 cast most Instagram followers

via Instagram @shaq24s_

Technically, Shaq is one the list of the most followed cast of Love Island 2023 on Instagram, but his follower count is still pitiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen before a finalist with under 200k followers. This social media ban for the Islanders really has hit.

Tanya Manhenga – 202k 

via Instagram @talkswithtt_

Up next is another finalist, and Shaq’s other half, Tanya. They only got two per cent of the public vote in the final, so clearly aren’t the most popular Love Island couple ever, but this follower count is low!

Tanyel Revan – 261k

via Instagram @tanyelrevan

Despite being dumped fairly early on, Tanyel has still gained a decent amount of followers. She was an OG Islander, and was in the villa for over three weeks.

Olivia Hawkins – 283k

via Instagram @livhawkinss

Olivia is quite near the bottom of the ranking, with just over a quarter of a million followers. Maxwell, who she left the show with, is one of the least followed Islanders from the cast this year.

Ron Hall – 296k 

Love Island 2023 cast most Instagram followers

via Instagram @ronhall_

Ron literally came second. I am shook he’s not even got 300k followers. Right now Ron has 296k followers – let’s hope that rises more in the coming weeks.

Kai Fagan – 339k 

via Instagram @kaifagan_

The first Islander on this list who is over the 300k mark is winner Kai, and honestly, I’m a bit shocked he’s all the way down here. Where is the justice? 300k followers for half of a winning couple?!

Sanam Harrinanan – 359k

via Instagram @sanamiee

This truly isn’t justice, as up next is other winning half, Sanam. You mean to tell me the new champs don’t even have a million followers between them? What is going on?!

Tom Clare – 394k 

Love Island 2023 cast most Instagram followers

via Instagram @tomclare__

Footballer Tom has 394k followers since being on the show. He might not be the most followed of the cast this year, but he’s gained Samie – so he can’t complain.

Claudia Fogarty – 410k

via Instagram @claudiafogarty

Up next is Claudia, who has clearly seen the benefit of being dumped a few days earlier, and having her phone back for a while. She’s been posting on Instagram loads since she left the villa, and now has over 400k followers.

Lana Jenkins – 448k 

via Instagram @lanajenkinss

Finalist Lana is the fourth most followed Islander this year, currently sitting on just over 448k followers. She has over 100k more followers than Ron, who she’s now official with.

Samie Elishi – 496k 

via Instagram @samieelishi

Samie is the third most followed Love Island 2023 cast member on Instagram currently. She has 496k followers right now – which isn’t too bad for a bombshell this year!

Will Young – 570k

via Instagram @farmer_will_

In second is our fav farmer, Will – who obviously was very well followed before he was in the villa. He currently has 570k followers, and it’s no surprise his count is rapidly growing, since he’s sharing such wholesome content of Jessie on the farm.

Jessie Wynter – 785k

Love Island 2023 cast most Instagram followers

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

Aussie bombshell Jessie, who very nearly made it to the final with Will, is currently leading the way. She has over 200k more followers than the other Islanders, but she did have a bit of  a head start, having appeared on the Australian version of the show.

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