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Debunked: What is the Shmunguss category on Netflix and is it actually real?

The Shmunguss King deserved a second season

A meme has got people questioning whether there is a category on Netflix called Shmunguss. Yes, people are actually debating this.

Anybody who spends about one minute a week on Netflix knows how specific the platform can be when it comes to categories for movies. Previously we’ve seen “Wacky-late night comedies” and “30 minute laughs.” However a TikTok video claims Netflix actually has a genre called Shmunguss and now we’re all second guessing everything. Here’s everything we know about the rumoured Netflix category called Shmunguss and whether it’s even real.

Where did the Shmunguss Netflix rumours come from?

In the TikTok, the man holding the camera can be heard saying: “Can someone tell me what these categories are?” He then scrolls pass numerous shows and movies with names all having the word “Shmunguss”. For example, “The Shmunguss King.” The caption then asks for some sort of explanation.

Is Shmunguss on Netflix real or just an incredibly well executed joke?

I hope you have already guessed this isn’t a real category and it’s just a joke that would trick anyone. One of the few giveaways that tells us Shmunguss isn’t real is the fact one of the movies feature the actor Paul Giamatti and he has never starred in a movie called The Shmunguss King. In fact, there’s no movie ever called that and we’re all idiots.

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