pancake day

Tell us your pancake toppings and we’ll tell you which Love Island contestant you are

Protein powder should not be a key ingredient x

On Love Island, breakfast foods hold power. Whether grafting for forgiveness with a bowl of granola (Will) or creating a date from two plates of avocado toast (Casey), it’s basically all contestants have at their disposal to show somebody they care. In July 2022, Ekin Su actually banished bombshell Nathalia away from Davide by winning a pancake making competition. Batter is dynamite.

So, in honour of this age-old Love Island tradition, and the fact it’s literally Pancake Day, select your perfect toppings from the list below and we’ll tell you which Islander you are. Because, yes, it really does tell us that much about your personality. Don’t question it. It’s butter, milk, flour, egg, and sugar related science.

Strawberries and sugar – Lana

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You’re not that exciting but everybody likes you. So, you’re invited to most parties but never do anything outrageous enough to be discussed in the morning after debrief. A social palette pleaser. You’re sweet to all, summer’s your favourite season, and you just have all round carefree girly vibes. But if there’s drama you sharpen pretty quickly.

Bacon and syrup – Ron

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Macho, energetic and divisive. Essentially, you rub a large proportion of people up the wrong way. To some, you’re despicable. To others, delicious. But you’d rather go through life being talked about than fly under the radar.

Just lemon – Olivia

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Bitter! Vicious!

Golden syrup – Samie

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You’re the golden girl of every situation and know everyone is going to love you no matter what social setting you’re in. A long-standing legend. Upbeat, cheerful— the glue of any group.

Fresh berries and crème fraîche – Jessie

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You’re a bit of a fitness queen with a sweet tooth. You might not be everyone’s first choice but those that like you LOVE you. Well travelled, have been to therapy, probably keep a gratitude journal. Potentially have the tendency to say live, laugh, love. Cute x

Bananas – Kai

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Just a bit mushy.

Anything from the dessert bar at Pizza Hut – Tanya

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Smarties, caramel syrup, brownie bites. You’ve got more energy than a hamster on amphetamines. Essentially, you find it hard to pick one thing and stick with it. Seems like a great idea to have it all until it all comes (sugar) crashing down.

Ice cream – Martin

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Although you might initially seem like everyone’s favourite, over time your personality appears to melt away to nothing. You’re turfed aside, cold, frosty and ready to unleash fury on those who’ve left you in the lurch.

Protein powder – Tom

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You’re not going to let one day of desserts get in your way of bulking. Physically, you’re on great form but conversationally, you have people looking over your shoulder to find their friends when you corner them at parties. Think about getting some hobbies.

Whipped cream – Casey

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Sweet, likeable but pretty artificial. You’re totally unpredictable and scattered in every direction. Although you might look great and impress people from the outset, you have a tendency to deflate fast. Have the maturity levels of a 14-year-old.

Ham and cheese crêpe – Shaq

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You’re tasty and comforting but want everyone to know you’re a little bit better than them.

Biscoff – Claudia

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Boujee and dry x

Mushroom and spinach – Will

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Healthy, happy and a little bit niche, you win over everyone you meet with sheer persistence. Until you make a faux pas so huge everyone wishes you hadn’t been invited into the group. But, stuck in the teeth of the social circle, you stick around until everyone eventually gets a craving for your off the wall company again. Usually the last guy to leave afters at 6am.

Nutella – Sanam

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Sweet, deadly, people gravitate towards you even when they don’t want to. You have the ability to connect with others instantly but, if someone doesn’t like you, they’re likely to go into anaphylaxis. There’s no in between. It’s simply stan or go x

No toppings – Maxwell

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The blandest of all time. There’s literally nothing more to say.

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