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Here’s how to get the teenage filter everyone is posting all over TikTok right now

Paul Breach used it the other day and I’m traumatised

TikTok is the home to a variety of filters which spark viral trends, and recently it’s all about the teenage filter. This filter genuinely makes you look like a teenager whilst also giving you the comparison of what you look like now. You’ve probably seen a few famous faces take part, like Paul Breach for example. So here’s how to get the teenage filter that’s sweeping across TikTok right now.

Here’s how to get the teenage filter all over TikTok right now:

The teenage filter isn’t actually available in every country yet so you might just need to wait until it’s rolled out everywhere. However you can follow these steps to check if you have access to it.

• Open up TikTok

• Click on the plus icon which is next to the camera

• In the bottom left corner click the effects button

• Then tap on the magnifying glass and search for “teenage look”

• Tap on the filter of the same name to apply it

Some people are saying the filter doesn’t appear when they search it so if that’s the case then you can try applying it through another video. To do this just search “teenage look” by clicking the magnifying glass on your For You Page and select a video that is using the filter. Click the sound button in the bottom right corner and then “Use this sound.” The filter will then be applied automatically if available in your location.

Voila! Happy reminiscing the days when your skin was way more youthful.

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