This wild theory about YOU season four says Love is alive and coming back in part two

I need Love Quinn back in my life

Season four of YOU dropped last week and everyone who has watched it already has clocked something major in the teaser for part two coming next month. For a split second Love Quinn comes onto the screen and she’s sat in the glass cage – fans are losing it.

The shocking season three finale saw Love Quinn die at the hands of her husband, Joe Goldberg, who then fakes his own death before leaving his son behind and heading for Paris. However all we saw at that point was Joe hobbling away from his house which was up in flames and we know just how important Love was to the development of season three.

Now fans are convinced she’s coming back in part two and we can’t cope. Here’s the wild fan theory that says Love Quinn is alive, explained.

Why do fans think Love Quinn is alive?

For a second, in the part two teaser trailer, we see Love Quinn sitting down in the glass cage with a book on her lap. Some people are arguing this could be one of Joe’s hallucinations but the book she is reading was written by Rhys Montrose, who we all know to be a very important character in season four.

Now fans can’t get this link between Rhys and Love out of their heads. The fact she’s holding a copy of his book, A Good Man in a Cruel World has everyone convinced this can’t be a hallucination.

Despite the fact seeing Love Quinn die in season three not being enough for fans, her being sat in the glass cage with Rhys’ book could be a hint at Joe’s plans for Rhys. If this is a hallucination, could this be a big clue at Rhys’ fate? I’m shaking.

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