UK TikTok rich list

Introducing the TikTok rich list: The UK TikTokers making the most money on the app

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TikTok has created some of the most well-known content creators over the past few years and they have constantly been providing people with the very best videos whether it be comedy, makeup or an insight into their day to day life.

Research commissioned by found that TikTok content creators in the UK have been earning some serious money. One TikToker is paid just under £30,000 per sponsored post. Here are the UK TikTokers making the most money via sponsored posts.

Kyle Thomas

UK TikTok rich list

via Instagram @kylethomas

Kyle Thomas is one of the most followed British TikTokers on the app, with his content including videos with animals and life hacks. Kyle takes top spot of the TikTok rich list, with 23.5 million followers on TikTok and 1.1 billion likes. According to, Kyle earns £29,145 per post on TikTok.

Jamil and Jamel Neffati

UK TikTok rich list

via Instagram @neffatibrothers

Jamil and Jamel Neffati are the identical twin brothers on TikTok who take the second spot on the TikTok rich list. In their videos, they showcase their dance movies and exquisite fashion sense. The pair can earn up to £15,130 per post on TikTok. Their joint Neffati brothers TikTok account is followed by 18.5 million people with just over 445 million likes.

Shauni Kibby

UK TikTok rich list

via Instagram @itzshauni

Shauni Kibby is a body positivity TikTok and once went viral for decapitating toys. In one of her most viral videos, she beheads a plastic Pikachu doll with a smaller one inside. She also posts body positive content and she has said because she has a young audience, she feels like it’s “really good” to share that type of content.

Shauni comes third on the rich list with an earning of £14,827 per post. She has an impressive 17.9 million followers on TikTok with 543 million likes.

Abby Roberts

UK TikTok rich list

via Instagram @abbyroberts

Abby Roberts, best known for her makeup looks and now her new music career, has an impressive 17 million followers and 1.4 billion likes on TikTok. According to the study, Abby earns up to £14,044 per post.

Joel Magician

via Instagram @itsjoelm

Magician and TikTok creator JoelMagician takes the fifth spot as one of the highest TikTok earners in the UK. His videos include card tricks and different magic tricks, and he is also a presenter on Blue Peter. Joel has over 16 million followers and 382 million like on TikTok and earns up to £13,629 per sponsored post.

Holly Hubert

via Instagram @hollyh

Holly Hubert is a social media influencer who rose to fame will before her TikTok stardom. Holly had to convince her mother to pursue social media as a full time job and told Cosmopolitan she told her mum if it doesn’t work, she’ll “get a proper job”.

Holly has worked with the likes of Coca Cola and Skinny Dip and has just under 16 million followers on TikTok. According to the study, Holly can earn up to £13,103 per sponsored post.


via Instagram @rhia.official

Rhia is another social media star on TikTok that is earning a lot of money. Rhia has 14.5 million followers and 408 million likes on TikTok and car earn up to £12,180 per sponsored post.

Evie Meg

via Instagram @eviemeg

Evie Meg is a TikToker who has been raising awareness for those with living with hidden disabilities. Evie lives with Tourette’s, seizures and PANDAS and she has started having important conversations about this on TikTok. In January 2023, Evie was a finalist at the National Diversity Awards.

Evie goes by @thistrippyhippie on TikTok and has 15.6 million followers and 567 million likes on the app. According to the study, Evie earns up to £12,790 per sponsored post.

Ehiz Ufuah

via Instagram @ehizufuah

Ehiz is another TikToker who has definitely been all over your For You Page, mainly for his hilarious reaction videos. He recently did a video with Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, in a viral TikTok trend.

Ehiz has 13.3 million followers and 670 million likes on TikTok and can earn £11,044 per sponsored post on his account.

Luca Gallone

Luca Gallone is another magician on TikTok who makes the list as one of the top earners. He has 9.9 million followers and 169 million likes on TikTok and can earn up to £8,196 per sponsored post.

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