MrBeast blind video

MrBeast is facing backlash after paying for blind people to see again in latest YouTube video

‘There is something so demonic about this’

YouTuber MrBeast, aged 24, paid to cure the sight of 1,000 blind people in his latest YouTube video He also gifted them with things such as a Tesla and $50,000 college tuition. He also topped it up with an $100,000 donation to optical surgeries across the world.

MrBeast gave away $10,000 to a number of patients too. He’s known for his wild stunts, including challenges such as the time he was buried alive for 50 hours and when he gifted $200,000 to people who lost their jobs. He’s also the most subscribed YouTuber and is one of the platform’s highest earners which makes sense considering how much money he puts into his content and people who take part.

In his recent video where he pays for 1,000 blind people to undergo an operation to repair their sight, he shows patients getting their bandages removed post surgery and their reactions. One patient hasn’t been able to see for the last 62 years and MrBeast’s generosity allowed this to change. Another man was able to see his son for the first time in years.

MrBeast blind video

The surgery everyone had is called Phacoemulsification. In the procedure, doctors make a small incision in the eye and vacuum out the eye’s clouded cataract lens, and then insert a new artificial lens. It costs up to $6,000 without insurance.

However MrBeast’s video has had some mixed reviews after fans suggest he just wants YouTube fame. One person said: “He just makes people dance on camera for basic human needs so he can make millions. It’s weird.”

Other people have described it as “charity porn”. Another person said: “It’s gross because the real issue here is that the procedure is so simple but for some reason unaffordable. So yes, he’s doing a good thing on one hand, but people shouldn’t need to beg a multimillionaire philanthropist for access to the health care they need.”

Someone replied to the response above saying the public celebration MrBeast got for his blind video normalises it.

You can watch MrBeast’s YouTube video here.

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