Spencer Wilks vibrators

Say hello to Spencer Wilks: The posh Love Island bombshell who sells vibrators for a living

He calls himself Spenny and played water polo for Team GB

Just as the most dramatic re-coupling of the season was set to kick off last night, Love Island producers threw another twist into the chaos and sent two new bombshells into the villa, including a seriously tanned and muscly addition who we reckon is exactly Olivia Hawkins type: Spencer Wilks.

“I’m fun, I’m cool, I’m just all round husband material. If you want a husband, I’m your guy,” Spencer said of himself before entering the Love Island villa. And it turns out there’s lots to know about the bombshell from Dorset, including his career flogging sex toys:

He’s 24 and from Bournemouth

Spencer is swapping the beaches of Bournemouth for the sun of South Africa as he heads into the Love Island villa. “I’ll be out of my comfort zone, maybe I’ll find someone that I could be with forever and to share that experience with someone I think is quite unique,” he says. “This is the only time I’ve been single, so it’s now or never really.”

He sells vibrators for a living

Seemingly a born business man, Spencer officially calls himself an E-Commerce Business Owner but revealed in his Love Island introduction video: “I basically sell vibrators online!”. Fans were immediately shocked by his career choice and headed to his fan account to question his friends if his career claim was true: “He does,” they verified. “Amongst other things”.

This is set to baffle his first date in the villa tonight, who asks him if he’s the “director of vibrators”, to which he admits “you could say that”.

Spencer officially runs a company called Trade Rush and his Amazon profile is currently selling a £16 “vibrating massager”, which is apparently “very powerful”. His business also sells safety goggles, speakers, printer ink and ice scrapers. Basically, any liquidated stock for the lowest price on the internet. Thrifty.

‘I basically sell vibrators online!’: Spencer runs a company called Trade Rush that sells sex toys and other cheap stock on Amazon

Spencer actually likes to call himself Spenny

Is anyone else having MIC war flashbacks? Just like our favourite reality TV villain Spencer Matthews, Spencer Wilks calls himself Spenny on Instagram and also sports the same slick-backed combover hair the original Spencer championed in season one of Made in Chelsea. Fingers crossed Spencer Wilks causes just as much drama.

He played water polo for Team GB when he was younger

Although running social media accounts for contestants has technically been banned by ITV, Spencer’s friends have been sharing details about his life through Q&As on a fan account. In their latest post they revealed Spencer had played water polo for Team GB when he was young (explains the shoulders), which essentially solidifies his status as the poshest Islander of 2023.

He has a famous cousin

Spencer has a famous pro MMA fighter cousin called James ‘Lightning’ Wilks who gave up fighting in 2012 due to injuries. He also featured in the 2018 Netflix documentary The Game Changers about athletes who’ve turned vegan and is now an activist with his vegan influencer wife The Planted Mom.

Spencer hates icks

Joining the growing group of people who now believe having icks is the biggest ick going, Spencer says: “I don’t like picking one thing that would put me off someone. But I would say, being fake, I really don’t like that and it gets under my skin. When a girl’s bitchy, that for me is just not a vibe.”

He currently has 5k followers on Instagram

Spencer currently has 5k followers on Instagram, which will probably shoot up by thousands as soon as he brings the drama to the villa. Mostly, his feed has been filled with holiday pics in the Dominican Republic and Croatia. You can follow him @spennywilks.

His friends reckon he’ll have eyes for Olivia, Lana and Jessie

According to Spenny’s mates who are running his fan Insta account, his normal type is blondes but he’s dated brunettes too. His friends think, once he gets into the villa, his top three girls will be Olivia, Lana, and Jessie. And, as per Love Island’s rules, he gets to pick which girl he wants to couple up with before any of the other boys. Ron and Will are quaking.

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