These TikToks of Lucien Laviscount swishing around Paris all week gave me the ick

‘Who is it?’

Lucien Laviscount is a gorgeous, gorgeous man – there’s no denying that. But that does not mean he is exempt from giving people the ick. We first came close when we uncovered his magazine photoshoot with Kerry Katona but now he’s gone and done it properly this time. All week for Paris Fashion Week he has been swishing around the city acting like he’s God’s gift. And yes, partly that might be true, but also he needs to be humbled.

TikToks showing him moving around Paris make him look like a kid on a sugar rush. I get skirts give you some sort of power but swishing it and running around Paris acting like you’re the first man ever to wear one has fatally hit us with the ick.

The videos of him jumping from person to person, climbing vans to show everyone his outfit and posing for the camera has actually confirmed I will be team Gabriel going forward. Take a look at these TikToks of Lucien being cringe in Paris at your own risk.

‘Who is it?’

The way he clambers up onto the van to make sure everyone has a look at his outfit. He is ridiculous. Sure there’s cheering and screams but what sticks out like a sore thumb is the French accent at the end asking: “Who is it?”

The way he jumps to that person behind him

I just can’t with this man.


I wish I could unsee this entire video. It’s giving Liam Payne and I can’t explain why.


@Lucien Laviscount, plus pétillant que jamais, au défilé @Louis Vuitton AW23 #tiktokfashion #parisfashionweek #pfw23 #louisvuitton #lucienlaviscount #emilyinparis #mode

♬ son original – madamefigarofr

Now why is he playing coy?

All the comments to this one are saying the same thing but the one that speaks the most is: “These are dark times.” Every single video of Lucien in Paris is an excruciating watch.

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