love character test

Erm, this love character TikTok test tells you your dating personality and why is it so true?

I’m shaking and how well it knows me

The love character test has been doing the rounds on TikTok and people are going crazy for it. It’s a test that accurately tells you the type of dating personality you have, it’s very similar to the smile dating test we saw blow up on TikTok last week.

Here’s how to take the love character test from TikTok

You’ll find the love character test on the Ktestone website and you’ll be given 12 questions before seeing your results.

The test is originally in Korean and most of the time Google translates it for you but in case it’s not, here’s how you can do that on iPhone or Safari.

• In the search bar at the top of the page, you’ll see the symbol that looks like “AA.”

• Click that and then tap “translate to English.”

• The page will then be updated.

If you are on Google then here’s how to change the language:

• In the search bar click the Google sign which has a “G” on it.

• Then tap “English” or whichever language you need it translated to.

Here are the questions for the viral love character test:

love character test


• Firstly you’ll be asked to specify your gender, unfortunately there are only two options.

• You’re then asked how you do on a blind date.

• What is your reaction to your mate asking you on a couple date?

• What do you do at the beginning of a relationship?

• How would you react if you were looking through your childhood photos and found a picture of the two of you together?

• What do you do if you wake up from a bad dream?

• When you go to a must-eat restaurant, which route do you want to take?

• If you play your lover a song you like and he/she doesn’t like it, what can be your reaction?

• When you receive a call that your lover argues with his/her friend, what would you do?

• How would you react if your lover couldn’t come to your anniversary?

• What would you do if your lover asked you to see a movie while you had work to do?

• When you have a conflict with your lover, what do you do?

• What do you do right after going on a fun trip with your lover?

The test then gives you the cutest little picture of your character love personality with a description of what you’re like. It’s very scientific obviously. You can take the love character test here.

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