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Here’s where the ‘I’ll never forget that first day at pit’ northern TikTok sound is from

This sound can put a London posho into a coma

There’s a hilarious sound doing the rounds on TikTok right now, and for anyone who’s from the north and is currently having to navigate the hellish landscape of southern accents and poshos left right and centre this viral audio is going to make you feel right at home. “I’ll never forget that first day at pit” is doing the rounds, with everyone captioning it in the funniest ways possible. But what actually is this sound and where did it come from? Here’s all you need to know about the “I’ll never forget that first day at pit” TikTok sound.

Erm, it got to number three on the UK chart?

So, it turns out that “first day at pit”, something I thought was just a silly little TikTok sound, is actually a monologue that somehow got to number three on the UK charts in 1981.

The piece is called Capstick Comes Home, and it’s a parody song taking the piss out of the old Hovis adverts. It’s by Tony Capstick, who was a comedian and broadcaster from Yorkshire. The full monologue reads as follows:

“I’ll never forget that first day at t’pit. Me an’ mi father worked a seventy two hour shift, an’ then we walked home forty three mile through t’snow in us bare feet, huddled inside us clothes med out o’ old sacks. Eventually we trudged over t’hill until wi could see t’street light twinklin’ in our village. Mi father smiled down at mi through t’icicles hangin’ off his nose.

“Nearly home now lad”, he said. We stumbled into t’house and stood there freezin’ cold and tired out, shiverin’ and miserable, in front o’ t’ meagre fire. Any road, mi mam says “Cheer up, lads. I’ve got you some nice brown bread and butter for yer tea.” Ee, mi father went crackers. He reached out and gently pulled mi mam towards ‘im by t’throat. “You big fat, idle ugly wart”, he said. “You gret useless spawny-eyed parrot-faced wazzock.” (‘E had a way wi words, mi father. He’d bin to college, y’know).

“You’ve been out playin’ bingo all afternoon instead o’ gettin’ some proper snap ready for me an’ this lad”, he explained to mi poor, little, purple-faced mam. Then turnin’ to me he said “Arthur”, (He could never remember mi name), “here’s half a crown. Nip down to t’chip ‘oyl an’ get us a nice piece o’ ‘addock for us tea. Man cannot live by bread alone.”

“He were a reyt tater, mi father. He said as ‘ow workin’ folk should have some dignity an’ pride an’ self respect, an’ as ‘ow they should come home to summat warm an’ cheerful. An’ then he threw mi mam on t’fire.

“We didn’t ‘ave no tellies or shoes or bedclothes. We med us own fun in them days. Do you know, when I were a lad you could get a tram down into t’town, buy three new suits an’ an ovvercoat, four pair o’ good boots, go an’ see George Formby at t’Palace Theatre, get blind drunk, ‘ave some steak an’ chips, bunch o’ bananas an’ three stone o’ monkey nuts an’ still ‘ave change out of a farthing. We’d lots o’ things in them days they ‘aven’t got today – rickets, diptheria, Hitler and my, we did look well goin’ to school wi’ no backside in us trousers an’ all us little ‘eads painted purple because we ‘ad ringworm. They don’t know they’re born today!”

Why’s it gone viral on TikTok?

The “first day at pit” sound has gone viral as people use it to talk about how northern they sound to people who aren’t used to northerners – nicely using the ironic song ironically, a full circle moment.


Honestly he was in total disbelief. ‘But everyone goes skiing’ … no hun.

♬ Tha dunt know thas born by mikebiddulph64 – mikebiddulph6


Who’d have thought I’d be friends with Southerners🤢 #fy #fyp

♬ Tha dunt know thas born by mikebiddulph64 – mikebiddulph6

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