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Here’s how the smile dating test from TikTok determines your dating style

RIP if you get ‘fickle lover’

Everyone loves to talk about love languages but in the big, scary world of dating that’s not enough. People on TikTok have recently discovered the smile dating test and it’s a game changer.

The test itself can be found on, a Korean website which features several other personality tests which claim to define your dating style. The smile test gained popularity on TikTok this month  and since then people have used the app to share their dating personality and style.

Here’s how to take the smile dating test you’re seeing all over TikTok

Okay so this test only has 12 questions and then your results are revealed. It asks you stuff about your plans for the weekend and your personal fashion style. But first here’s how to find the test.

•  Go to Ktestone’s website to access the test

• Click on “Going to do a test”

• Answer the 12 questions that are mentioned in the quiz

Once you have done this the test will automatically reveal your answer. Your answer will be what type of smile you are and how you behave when dating someone. The test is originally in Korean and most of the time Google translates it for you but in case it’s not, here’s how you can do that on iPhone or Safari.

• In the search bar at the top of the page, you’ll see the symbol that looks like “AA.”

• Click that and then tap “translate to English.”

• The page will then be updated.

If you are on Google then here’s how to change the language:

• In the search bar click the Google sign which has a “G” on it.

• Then tap “English” or whichever language you need it translated to.

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