the waffle house has a new host meme

You’re probably seeing the ‘Waffle House has a new host’ meme everywhere, here’s why


TikTok births a lot of weird, brain chemistry-altering creators like Paul Breach and inside jokes that don’t even make sense – the latest being: “The Waffle House has a new host.” You’ve probably been seeing this phrase flooded in the comment sections of a load of the viral videos you get on your FYP.

The phrase “The Waffle House has a new host” is even starting to make its way over to Instagram and Twitter. Here’s everything we know about it and where it came from.

Where did the ‘Waffle House has a new host’ meme come from and what is the meaning of it?

YouTuber Johnny RaZer is the man behind the Waffle House host trend and now he wants nothing more than to destroy it entirely. In a video uploaded last Sunday, he explained he thought it would be funny to do some trolling and “prank the internet for a couple of days” by encouraging his fans to write a random phrase in the comment section of every single video they watched.

He then asked his viewers to come up with what the phrase would be. In just one day over 30,000 responded to his video and the comment “The Waffle House has a new host” was uncontrollably spreading.

The joke was meant to start on January 31 but his fans couldn’t wait. He’s now trying to end the trend on January 31st. In his YouTube video he laid out the rules for “any new soldiers entering the trenches” saying the comment should be written under every video you watch but only if someone else hasn’t posted it. But obviously that was never going to work and now so many comments on viral videos are all about the Waffle House getting a new host and people can’t stop.

In his video, Johnny says: “If they have, upvote their comment, make a reply chain on their comment, but don’t flood the comment sections, please. This is my one request. Be respectful – if a creator tells you to stop, just stop.”

Johnny also clarified the meaning of the Waffle House host meme and said it’s just a running joke about how cursed the Waffle House is on his channel. For context, Johnny has almost 600,000 subscribers on YouTube and in just two days his Waffle House video has had over 289,000 views.

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