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Meet Yesly Dimate: The TikTok star behind the ‘rubber band’ dance everyone’s obsessed with

You be the cash, I’ll be the rubber band. You be the match, I’ll be a fuse, boom!

If you’ve scrolled on TikTok for longer than a millisecond over the last few days you’ll have noticed a dance to a sped up version of Sure Thing by Miguel (you be the cash, I’ll be the rubber band. You be the match, I’ll be a fuse, boom!) is going seriously viral. Even Olivia Neill has done it, which obv means it’s a trend.

The original video of the dance, created by Yesly Dimate, has millions of likes and is literally hypnotising people. “Legend says that wink impregnated millions,” reads one of endless adoring comments. So, in case you’re wondering who Yesly Dimate is and how the 25-year-old spread this trend all over the internet, here’s everything you need to know:

She’s gained millions of TikTok followers in only two years

Yesly Dimate joined TikTok in August 2020 and seems to have already cracked the TikTok fame algorithm. Obviously, being hot helps. But just from posting lip sync videos and dances, she now has 2.4million fans. Impressive.

This obv shot up massively after she created the rubber band dance and, after it got millions of views, loads of other creators have now been learning her choreo:

She’s been in loads of Hoodie Allen music videos

Yesly has been trying to break into the acting industry for the last few years and in 2022 was cast in two Hoodie Allen music videos: Call Me Never and Wouldn’t That Be Nice. The rapper made it clear he thinks Yesly is going to be seriously successful: “When u the biggest star im gonna point back to this video and say i was early,” he commented on her Instagram.

She used to model and started off her career in pageants

While auditioning for acting roles, Yesly has posted numerous Instagram posts of her modelling to her grid. At the start of her career, she even used to compete in pageants and was a semi-finalist in the race to become Miss Maryland USA when she was 18.

She’s just filmed her first TV series – Before We Begin

Yesly started filming for her first ever TV series, Before We Begin, back in October last year, which is now in post production. The show follows an artist who’s about to move to New York and is struggling with the thought of leaving everyone she knows behind – including a new love interest.

“There really aren’t enough words to express how happy this has made me. It was everything to me and more,” Yesly told her Instagram fans of taking on the role of Olivia. “This is the first character I’ve had the honor of playing and I am so, so, so beyond grateful. I’m gonna miss it so much.”

She fancies Andrew Garfield just as much as the rest of us

Since Yesly first posted the rubber band dance, she’s recreated it loads of times with little alterations her fans have begged her for in the comments. But, after the Golden Globes on Tuesday, she did a special rendition specifically for Andrew Garfield:

Her goal is to be in Marvel films

It’s probably no surprise Yesly was fangirling over Andrew Garfield because she absolutely loves Marvel films, including Spiderman. She even said in a recent YouTube Q&A that her goal is to be in a Marvel film herself within the next three years. So, we’ll probably be seeing her pop up in loads more shows soon.

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