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It girls and TikTokers: Meet Olivia Neill’s new elite London social circle

Links to the Beckhams, Kate Moss and Dua Lipa? Pop off queen

Yup, it’s happened. Olivia Neill has pulled an Emma Chamberlain and quietly transitioned from YouTube personality to fashion’s latest it girl. Paris Fashion Week with Miu Miu, Milan Fashion Week with Versace, London Fashion Week parties with Hugo Boss: She really is everywhere she needs to be– including in the latest Yves Saint Laurent Libre perfume ad.

Coach, Ugg, Diesel, name a brand and Olivia has collabed with them–thanks to some serious Kris Jenner level hustling from her talent agency: Gleam Futures. Plus, obviously, Olivia’s humongous TikTok presence has her on every invite list going–including London’s answer to the Met Gala: The British Fashion Awards. 

And after that Flossy drama last year, it seems Olivia has fallen into a new elite London social circle from her time on red carpets, at after parties and casting calls. So, let’s take a closer look at the models and millionaires she’s spending her time with: 

Lila Moss

The literal daughter of Kate Moss, Olivia and Lila have hung out at fashion week parties, have done drinks in Soho, and made videos with Liv’s cat Phil, obv. And, in September last year, Olivia went to Lila’s 20th fairy tale-themed birthday party at her house in Highgate where Kate Moss carried the cake out. Unreal.  

Apparently, Lila is actually partly responsible for Olivia’s growing modelling career as she  allegedly influenced her to sign with Elite Model Management–the same agency that represents Kendall Jenner and AJ Tracey – after seeing each other at Paris Fashion Week. 

And fans seem to think Lila had something to do with Liv making the decision to ditch Flossy after the drama between them last year as they think Olivia and Lila “implied” Flossie was “annoying” on an Instagram Live.

Mia Regan

Romeo Beckham’s ex-girlfriend and Victoria Beckham’s apparent “muse”, Olivia and Mia Regan have featured in the same Miu Miu and Coach campaigns, sat together at Missoma x Harris Reed dinners, posed together at Paris Fashion Week and endless black tie events, and are always commenting on each other’s Instagrams. 

Olivia and Mia were shooting together in St Tropez for a Miu Miu campaign in July 2022 – just after Mia and Romeo had broken up – so, it’s no surprise they bonded over the heartbreak.

Rina Lipa

Dua Lipa’s sister Rina was also part of the Miu Miu tennis campaign that Olivia was in with Mia and they’ve clearly kept hanging out since then as they filmed a TikTok together at Liv’s house before heading to a Halloween party as Draco Malfoy and Edward Scissorhands in October. 

Rina also modelled at Milan Fashion Week, which Olivia went to, and is going to be in a new horror thriller film by the Italian director Gianluigi Carella.

Tilly Demaine

Seemingly Olivia’s closest friend right now, she and model Tilly are always together and have been on duo holidays to the Isle of Wight, where Tilly has a family home, and abroad to Jamaica. Apparently, the Jamaica holiday was actually meant to be a present for Olivia’s ex-boyfriend but when they broke up she took Tilly instead. 

Tilly is a model signed to EYC LTD and has done work with brands like Peachy Den and NiiHAi with Olivia . And Tilly’s sister, Maddie Demaine is a seriously successful model with her own NA-KD fashion range. 


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Parisa Louvel, aka Bad Kid

Parisa is part of the Paco Rabane family and does regular campaign shoots with them. As well as modelling, she also makes music and has six EPs on Spotify. Olivia and Parisa seem to have met through the fashion circuit and recently had dinner together at the seriously spenny Mayfair restaurant Park Chinois.

Edie Rose

Also at the Mayfair dinner at Park Chinois and the Halloween party with Olivia was Edie Rose – who basically started modelling when she came out of the womb. Edie began shooting with Paul Smith when she was 10, was scouted by Storm at a festival at 15 and has done campaigns with Burberry, Versace, and Calvin Klein ever since. Impressive.

Lucas White-Smith

Everyone in the TikTok comments said it felt like two worlds had seriously collided when Olivia started having out with Lucas White Smith. The Australian model is a big deal in the fashion world and was the only influencer to sit alongside Future and Naomi Campbell at Hugo Boss’ Milan Fashion Week show, which is a pretty big flex tbf.


@olivianeill not surprised

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But, even though Olivia is now socialising with a brand new group of it girls and TikTokers, she and Lewys Ball (@lookingforlewys) are thankfully still serving all of the Ryan and Sharpay level realness they have been since 2020.

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