Emily in Paris time frame

Right, here is a clear breakdown of how long Emily has *actually* been in Paris for

No, Madeline hasn’t been pregnant for 18 months

Keeping up with Emily Cooper is a difficult task, her days are absolutely chocka with work events, getaways and spontaneous date nights. At this point, we have to question whether she’s running on croissants and her silly little berets alone or if Emily in Paris is actually set within a realistic time frame.

So for your sanity, here’s a breakdown of the time frame we see in Emily in Paris on Netflix starting with season one.

September or October: Emily get’s her job in Paris

Right so we know for a fact Emily in Paris starts in Autumn. She gets her job in Paris after her boss, Madeline, learns she is pregnant and gives Emily her position in Paris. It’s important to note she’s at a bar with her boyfriend when she gets the offer. They were watching a Chicago Cubs game and her boyfriend explained they were going to the playoffs after the win.

October: Emily arrives in Paris

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This is a very clear timeline to make things as easy as possible. It’s not said how long Emily had in Chicago before jetting off to Paris but it looked like Spring however when she’s on the phone to her boyfriend, she says: “We can watch the playoffs in the Slingbox, you won’t have to miss a game,” suggesting she’s moved pretty quickly.

This was further confirmed by Emily when she FaceTimed Madeline who was still very early in her pregnancy.

Mid-October: The end of season one

The first season of Emily in Paris ended in October after Emily pitched her work campaign by using footage of Chicago Cubs fans celebrating the playoff win. The show also gave us proof of a date too at the end of the season. The newspaper that covered Emily’s dress paint incident was dated 18th October.

Late October: Emily’s 29th Birthday

The second season picked up immediately from where season one left things. She was still reeling from her hookup with Gabriel and Emily, Camille and Mindy all took a weekend trip to Saint-Tropez. Shortly after coming back to Paris, Emily celebrated her birthday.

March: Emily starts dating Alfie

Episode seven in season two starts with Emily and Mindy complaining about the hot weather, they say it’s 95 degrees fahrenheit. Then later in the episode Madeline says she is six months pregnant and says she will give birth in June.

June: The entirety of season three

The biggest time jump in season three is a two-week skip between Alfie leaving for London and Emily finding out he returned to Paris. It was later confirmed everything took place in June thanks to the season’s heavy focus on Fête de la Musique, the French day of music that always takes place on 21st June.

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