The most desperate lengths we’ve EVER gone to for sex

6 hour Megabus? Flight to New York? Yeah why not

Some things in life are invaluable. A warm summer’s day, getting upgraded on a flight, a free coffee at Pret. Then there are things that make you ask yourself: was that really worth the money? And number one on that list is spending your hard earned cash on a very mediocre shag. Note to self: expensive 3am cab journeys for sex are rarely the right decision, because, let’s face it, you probably didn’t even cum.

But we do it anyway! Because it’s sex and desperate times call for doing anything humanely possible to get it. And you have done it a lot, as you told us for this week’s “Is it in Yet?” podcast. On this week’s episode we’re talking about the most desperate lengths we’ve ever gone to for one teeny tiny shag and it’s safe to say you have been far and wide. There’s the 9 hour coach for a hand job, the night in a Travelodge with a “cougar”, and the 45 minute Uber for a threesome.

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“Is it in yet?”, a new sex podcast from the girls at The Tab, is the most honest and hilarious sex podcast you’ve probably ever heard. Every week, Grace, Lucy and Dee will be discussing their sex lives, and more importantly yours. In our bedroom with a bottle of Prosecco, obvs.

Expect the best and most outrageous, grim, hot, kinky, sordid, terrifying, weird, gross, explicit sex stories you’ve ever heard and should definitely avoid listening to in public.

The podcast is based on The Tab’s hit sex column “By disappointed girls”, where our readers and contributors talk very openly about their sex lives, and what you should and shouldn’t be doing in bed if you want to have good sex. Their advice has been read over 3 million times already, and includes extremely crucial tips such as: How to eat a girl out, properly.

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