Warwick Uni fined the group chat students £1,150

The students said ‘Sometimes it’s fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls’

Warwick Uni fined the boys involved in the rape threat group chat a total of £1,150.

The uni ordered the boys to pay a series of individual fines of £250, £150, and £100, according to figures obtained by The Boar.

The money is being invested in "student experience and facilities", say Warwick.

The fines were set by a Disciplinary Panel, which includes SU officers.

In May 2018, existence of the group chat was revealed, with 11 male students suspended for making rape threats about fellow students, including "rape her friends too", "rape her in the street", and having "surprise sex" with freshers.

Since then, the spotlight has been on the uni's handling of the disciplinary process. A BBC documentary about the scandal revealed that Warwick's Head of Press led the investigation, and the uni faced pressure after backtracking on suspensions for the boys.

Warwick commissioned an independent report in the wake of the scandal to overhaul how they handle similar incidents, and The Tab revealed in June that two victims were taking legal action against Warwick.

Ben Newsham, Warwick's SU president, told The Boar: “We have worked closely with the University to hold them to account as they reform their disciplinary processes, and this year the sabbatical officers made it one of our top team priorities.

“This work has led to the implementation of a new sexual misconduct policy, specialist training for all potential disciplinary panel members, and the introduction of a new Report and Support system.

“We will continue to work with the university to ensure the recommendations of Dr Sharon Persaud’s review are fully implemented, and to ensure that all other forms of misconduct are dealt with appropriately.”

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