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Two Warwick group chat victims are suing the university

An American lawyer is representing them

Two victims of the Warwick group chat are suing the university.

Dr Ann Olivarius, an American lawyer, is representing the girls and told The Tab: "We are quite prepared to go to court."

Dr Ann Olivarius specialises in taking legal action against unis who fail to protect students from sexual assault.

"Other cases at other universities have settled for over £100,000 per student," Olivarius said, although a specific sum hasn't been specified.

Following the BBC documentary last week, Olivarius tweeted that "this story is not over," and said she was representing the women.

The Tab understands Olivarius contacted the girls throughout February and March. Other girls involved in the case have declined representation.

She has confirmed to The Tab that she is representing two girls involved, and is preparing to file.

Olivarius' website says she has "brought many cases in this area, challenging universities when they have failed in their duty to protect their students from sexual harassment and campus rape."

Speaking to The Tab, Olivarius said: "There has been a serious lack of leadership and moral courage in the people doing the investigation."

"These girls have been unnecessarily hurt," she said. "There has been terrible abuse and terrible harm done unnecessarily."

Olivarius has also brought cases against professors at Oxford and UCL.

"We aren't doing this to chase money, we're doing it to do the right thing. People have been improperly treated," she said.

She has also been tweeting critically about Peter Dunn, Warwick's head of press.

Since the scandal broke, questions have hung over the university's handling of the group chat.

In April 2018, 11 male Warwick students were suspended for making rape threats about fellow students, including "rape her friends too", "rape her in the street", and having "surprise sex" with freshers.

As the story attracted national attention, it emerged that Peter Dunn, Head of Press at the university, was in charged of the investigation.

The Tab also revealed a second group chat made by the boys, in which they said "let's do it all again".

Pressure grew on the university, as students protested and demanded action. In February, it was announced that two boys with reduced sentences would not return to the university.

Last week, the BBC released a documentary on the scandal, which was highly critical of the university's handling and featured anonymous interviews with some girls involved.

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