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‘He ate me out in a changing room’: Girls tell their wild public sex stories

You guys are shameless


Look, we've all done it. Maybe you like the thrill. Maybe you just couldn't keep it in. Sex in public is like a rite of passage.

The sex usually isn't actually that good, probably because of the fear of being caught and the uncomfortable positions you can end up in (portaloo sex is particularly tricky, just saying) – but it's still fun to hear about.

Sex in public stories really come into their own during a game of Never Have I Ever. It only takes a badly mixed drink or two, being sat on someone's uncomfortable living room floor and a healthy dose of peer pressure to get those stories spilling.

But what if you could find out a load of these juicy stories without having to attend a shitty pres or play any drinking games at all? We're here to give you exactly that. Here's all of the raunchiest and most ridiculous public sex stories, from the girls who've done it:

We did bits in an H&M changing room

Lottie, 20, Coventry

I was with a guy and he went to try some stuff on, so I asked the woman if it was okay for me to just sit on the seats outside. I was waiting and he pokes his head out and was like "Can you help me put this top on?"

Can’t believe I fell for it but anyway, I checked the woman wasn’t watching and snuck in the changing room. We were kissing and then next thing you know he’s going down on me whilst I’m sat on the stool in the changing room.

Then I started giving him a hand job but stopped because it was getting really bait that we were in there for that long. So we cleaned up and somehow both managed to leave the changing room without anyone seeing us.

We had sex in the uni common room

Ella, 21, Warwick

I thought it’d be really fun to have sex in a university classroom during a late night revision session. Was less fun when someone tried to get into the room. A definite boner killer.

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I had sex in a portaloo, then cleaned myself up with a tea towel

Chloe, 22, Sussex

It happened at my summer ball, I'm ashamed to say. The acts were really boring, so me and my boyfriend went off and had sex in a portaloo.

I tidied myself up afterwards with a random tea towel that was in there because there was no toilet roll. I don't know why there was a tea towel in the portaloo. I got tested straight after cos I thought I had every disease, but miraculously I was clean.

I had sex with a girl in the toilets of a bar and I didn't realise I had her blood on me afterwards

Rose, 21, Edinburgh

It happened in the toilets of a bar. I’d just met her and we were both smashed and ended up having sex in the toilets. I gave her my number too, even though I was leaving Australia literally the next day. I don't know what I thought would come out of it.

Also, apparently I didn’t wash my hands after so I had her period blood on me. I don't remember any of it in my defence. I just feel bad because everyone in the bar saw her period blood on my hand! Not the most subtle.

We fucked in a park and I was finding leaves in my hair for days

Ellie, 21, UCL

I was at All Bar One on a date with the boyf and it was my turn to pay. Naturally the bill came to £86 and less than 20 was on food, lol. Needless to say, we were very drunk. We decide to take a "shortcut" through a park home and started having sex in the bushes. Perks of wearing a dress are that it's easy access.

Eventually we realised it was actually incredibly uncomfortable for both of us so we got up and made ourselves look somewhat presentable. Then we realised that there was a homeless man sleeping on a bench probs no more than ten metres away. And I was finding leaves in my hair for about three days after. 3/10 experience, would not recommend.

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I had sex with my ex boyfriend in Caffè Nero toilets, because why not?

Millie, 21, Bristol

When me and my ex were together we were pretty young, so still really into each other and very much obsessed with having sex for the first time. We were just rowdy teenagers and I think we probably got off on doing stuff in public a little bit.

We were sat in a quiet upstairs bit of Caffè Nero and I started giving him a handjob (there was no one else around, I swear). Then we were just like "might as well" and both slipped off into the ladies toilets. One of the cubicles was really big, so we fucked while sat on the toilet in that one.

I sucked a guy off in a taxi while my mate was chatting to me

Danni, 20, Glasgow

Me and a huge group were on our way back from a rave in this taxi, and my mate was trying to have a conversation with me from the front of the taxi but I was sucking this guy off in the back.

Obviously I was kinda struggling to talk to her with my mouth full, but I still don't think she knows what was happening to this day.

We had sex in a park and a dog came over and sniffed us

Peggy, 21, Southampton

When I was younger, me and my ex boyfriend weren't allowed to stay around each others' houses so obvs we were a bit sexually frustrated. One night we went out for dinner and had some drinks.

We hadn't seen each other for like two weeks and weren't going to see each other for ages so we decided to be spontaneous and have a bonk in a park behind the local gym.

We were in the bushes, it was pitch black and it was really late so we thought we were safe – until a dog and his owner came past. They were walking on the path though, not through the bushes, so it was okay for a while.

Then we realise the dog isn't on a lead. This dog comes through the bushes and starts sniffing at us while I'm literally on top of my boyfriend. Luckily he finally ran off back to his owner and we were fine, but for a split second we were really freaking out thinking that the owner was going to come and get his dog and catch us. It was wild.

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