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How to expertly eye fuck someone, a beginner’s guide

This skill will change your dating game forever

If looks can kill, they can also get you laid. And eye fucking is the best way to let someone know that you're down to fuck, like, right now.

Sometimes you don't want to do the talking before sleeping with someone, so eye fucking is God's gift. You can grab someone's attention in a club just by locking eyes with them and next thing you know, you're in an Uber back to yours with a really fit guy you pulled.

But eye fucking is a skill. Not everyone can do it and if done wrong, it can look like you're just being really creepy. So to make sure you don't end up scaring the person you're trying to eye fuck, we've written a guide on how to expertly eye fuck someone:

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Adjust your body position for maximum eye fucking

We-Vibe’s Relationship Expert Psychologist, Dr Becky Spelman told The Tab: "Subtle hints with your body position make all the difference.

“Don’t lean forward, if you simply lean back while sitting you may reduce the likelihood of him thinking that you seem relatively aggressive or masculine compared to leaning forward to him.

"Relax your hands, you don’t want to seem tense or nervous towards him and lower your shoulders."

Maintain strong eye contact while having open body language

Dr Becky continued: "It’s essential your body language is open, to appear available in the first place when flirting with him to understand that you’re interested. Although some people may find it difficult, maintaining eye contact is important as it will allow you to direct your positive energy to him and he is more likely to be drawn to you.”

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How to tell if someone you like is eye fucking you

Dr Becky Spelman advises: “If a man likes you his pupils will dilate when he is looking or talking to you. Similarly, if he holds eye contact with you repeatedly – longer than the average person (e.g. five seconds) this is a good indication that he’s attracted to you. Finally, a man will usually direct his entire upper body (chest, head, and shoulders) towards you if he is interested to you.”

Best eye fucking tips by girls who've mastered the skill

Experienced eye fucking expert Laura said: "Eye fucking is all about maintaining a sexy gaze with someone without looking like you're about to murder them – there's a real fine line between intently staring at someone like you're looking for their soul, and letting them know you want to fuck them.

"You have to lower your gaze when speaking to them and literally think to yourself 'I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU' in the hope they will somehow telepathically understand.

"For eye fucking to really work, you need to do an additional signal, like touch their knee gently or propping up your face with your hand when sitting down at a table, so you look like you could go in for a kiss. It works every time."

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