Rob Byrne
Editor of The Tab Kent. 21, 2nd year SSPSSR student at Kent Uni. Aspiring writer.

Kent students racked up over £70,000 of library fines in a year

46,940 fines were handed down

Kent tuition fees set to rise by £250 per year


Milo Yiannopoulos address to Canterbury Sixth Form cancelled

He was due to speak at the grammar school he was once expelled from

Milo Yiannopoulos will speak at his old school in Canterbury next week

He was expelled from the grammar school over 15 years ago

Kent Union and Kent Uni formally apologise for Black History Month campaign

‘We made a mistake’

We asked for your reactions to Kent Union’s Black History Month gaffe

‘I don’t know how they’re going to come back from this’

Kent Union makes Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan faces of Black History Month

People are really confused

Kent ranked as 23rd best uni in the UK

We beat Manchester, Newcastle and King’s College London

LGBT students are campaigning for separate halls

They want to avoid victimisation from straight people

Meet the new Sabbs: Ruth Wilkinson

She’s the new VP Activities

Meet the new Sabbs: Dave Cocozza

He’s your new VP (Education)

Kent Union election results

The most unpredictable in years

Busted: Kent students most likely to cheat in exams and coursework

Almost 2,000 of us have been caught red-handed

The Cuban stripped of 3am licence for being too rowdy

Trash Tuesdays might be a thing of the past

There was a huge brawl outside Phase 2 at Liberty Quays this evening

Six people locked themselves in Subway to escape

The Cuban could lose its licence over ‘public safety’ fears

Where will we go for fancy cocktails now?

Kent WiFi down after nationwide cyber attack

Didn’t want to hand in that essay anyway

Meet the fresher with a 23″ waist who only wears 1950s clothes

‘People call me Marilyn Monroe in red’

Are you Kent’s fittest fresher?

The battle to be Canterbury’s most eligible first year begins

Drill Hall Library and Pilkington evacuated after security alert

Security alert now over after three hours

Templeman Library and Grimond building evacuated after bomb scare

It’s the second false alarm this term

The results are in: Eliot and Rutherford is the worst thing about UKC

Like we needed to tell you

Local makes bid to rename Canterbury West Station after Kanye West

It’s a beautiful dark twisted fantasy

‘I want to be a legend’: Meet Canterbury’s undisputed rap king

His first track was played on Radio 1 when he was just 12

Second year raises 10 grand to rescue beloved dog from Thai meat industry

Six-year-old Mishka suffered horrific abuse

UKC votes overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the EU

We are the UK’s European University

Third years win court case against landlord who sued them for unpaid rent after their housemate died

Robert Chavda died in January 2014

Police release e-fit who looks exactly like Fred Flintstone

Look at that sideburn

There have been 39 sexual offences in Canterbury so far this year

The figures have barely changed from last year

Kent accused of ‘bad practice’ in damning watchdog report

We’re officially as bad as CCCU

There’s a real life Harry Potter and he studies at Kent University

People shout ‘expelliarmus’ at him in the street

Kent’s favourite sex position is spooning

We love a cuddle

Slam dunk: Medway defeats Canterbury 48-43 in Clash of the Campuses


We’re the 47th best uni in the UK

Does anyone even care?

We got £50,000 compensation after police assaulted us at a student protest

How much Warhammer can I buy for that

Library and lecture theatres evacuated after Kent campus bomb scare

Police were tipped off after an anonymous phone call

There’s a cocktail called ‘Pig Fucker’ and it’s been on sale for 15 years

David Cameron would love it, allegedly

Chill to be replaced by new bar Steinbeck & Shaw

The club shut its doors for the last time last weekend

Results day in Kent

The tortuous wait is finally over

The best societies to join this September

There is a Quidditch team

Iraqi duo detained after being found on campus

They were found in a lorry in Turing car park

Kanye West shoots new video minutes from Kent campus

No one really knows why