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Girtonian fresher Will Smith scored two tries as the Light Blue 21s defeated Oxford in a convincing display at Twickenham.

Cambridge U21s 20 – 5 Oxford U21s

Girtonian fresher Will Smith scored two tries as the Light Blue 21s defeated Oxford in a convincing display at Twickenham.

Cambridge started the stronger team and were putting pressure on Oxford straight from the off, their forwards bullying the Dark Blue pack whenever they could.

Tim Sherrington’s exclusive match photos from Twickenham.

It was not long before Tommy Palicios touched the ball down for the first try, the disciplined Cambridge pack driving their captain over from a line-out.

Shortly after this, winger Smith burst into the game, showing Oxford what he could do with some powerful runs from off the wing.

Before the break, Cambridge failed to convert their possession and pressure, going into the changing rooms at half time only one score ahead, despite having the run of the play.

In the second half the Light Blues put Oxford to the sword.

For the Oxford front five, the break was evidently not long enough as Cambridge’s dominance in the scrums only increased. Cambridge had all the momentum and punished Oxford for any mistake by pushing them back in the forwards.

It was from this platform that Cambridge’s backs received some solid and secure ball, and enough space for winger Smith to complete a move by running a great line from his wing to score the Light Blues’ second try.

The winger and the Cambridge backs were building in confidence and proved almost impossible to tackle as they ran the Dark Blues inside out at times.

Only four minutes later, Smith scored the try of the game, receiving the ball outside the 22 and dashing through Dark Blue defenders, leaving them trailing with his pace and strength to touch down under the sticks, with Steve Townsend kicking the conversion.

Oxford did manage themselves to get a consolation score, but by now it was too late in the game, and Light Blue fly half Steve Townsend put the game to bed shortly afterwards by kicking a penalty, putting the Cambridge score far out of Oxford’s reach.

After the game, Palacios told The Tab he was proud of his men: “The win feels great. A lot can be said about the performance but I am particularly proud of the way we played for each other and for the shirt, particularly in defence. This memory will stay with us for a long time and I feel lucky of having been able to share it with this group of coaches and players”.

Seasoned observers of Cambridge rugby will hope that try-scorer Smith will follow the well-trodden route from 21s hero to full Blue, as Ed White and Rob Stevens have in the past few years.

Smith however prefers to think about the team’s prospects. He told The Tab: “I have strong hopes for next year as the confidence we can take from how we’ve played all season, culminating in a brilliant team performance at Twickenham, provides a fantastic platform to work from.”

The convincing display by the 21s will encourage CURUFC’s management, who are faced with the task of building a new Blues XV after their side’s below-par display in the Varsity Match. Judging by the young side on display, they have plenty talent to work with.

  • good turnout

    good turnout in the stands…

  • Fresh Prince

    Who does this guy think he is?

    I was born in Philly, and spent my days shootin ball in the playground and gettin up to no good. This dude just rocks up from some town outside of Cambridge.

    Palacios has swagger, but there's only one Will Smith, and he aint no Girton egg chaser.


      You are so sad. Am hoping that this is just a result of having nothing to do in your holiday…

    • Haitch

      shut your mouth u prick, go play your world of warcraft after your 10 hr sesh in the library and leave the grounds to big mans!

  • Seb Dunnett

    I would've gone, but with the student protests on the same day, the Met said they couldn't afford to provide the security arrangements needed when a big name like mine strolls into town.

    I went along later and they switched Charlie and Camilla's security to look after me. I'm a bigger name than the Royals.

    GDBOA – God… Dunnet's Blown Oxford Apart!

    • Jordan Nadian

      The best Seb Dunnett comment to be posted on the Tab thus far, and I didn't even think of it. It was the Sood-Meister.

    • GoDieInAHole

      Big name?

      Pity about the cock.

  • picture this

    they're not exclusive pictures- Varsity and TCS both had photographers there.

    • TabEditor

      can you send us a link to their 21s photos? or their reports for that matter?!

      • BIG BW

        YAY THE TAB!!

  • Nav-Dog

    It's a good job I was injured, not even Twickenham is big enough to play host to my big name, or my disgustingly good rugby skills.

    I was, unsurprisingly, sat in the stands getting boozed like the lad I am. Took me about 5 bottles of wine to feel the effects, but who gives a fuck. Certainly not me, cause look how fucking good I am at everything

  • Dom Macklin

    Do you know who i am?

    • fresherrrrrrrr

      are you the guy that played 2 minutes at the end? don’t think you touched the ball though??????? did touch miles’ balls though didn’t you. he’s better at rugby, better at drinking, better at being a Lad. Watch out or he will take the brunette off your hands too–bit below his full blue standard i would have thought though.

  • Observer

    Rebecca Williams has got here eyes on this one!

    • damien

      And he has his cock in her…

    • Hawkeye

      I heard that cricket couldn't provide enough both as sporting viewing and in other more important departments…

      • Banter Will

        Do you mean sex? Because if you don't I am confused…

  • keen eye

    wasn't it a massive drop-goal from the blind-side flanker which added the final 3 points, rather than a townend penalty?

  • Ricky Egg

    Hi Guys

    I'm not a rugby player myself as most of you know, but I sure did appreciate the effort all the guys put in last Thursday. I'd like to thank them all for helping me to have a lovely day with my friends. I know the main team lost, but at the end of the day its the taking part that counts.

    Take it easy over xmas guys and remember …. don't drink too much sherry!!!!!!!!

    R 😉 xx