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What to do if you are raped

Rape as an issue is often discussed, but what isn’t, is what to do if it happens to you.

Tab Tries: A Vibrator

“Why fix the pipes yourself when you can just call a plumber in?” Never having masturbated before, our mystery reviewer tries the ‘Thrill’.

What’s On: Week 8

It’s Week bloody 8 already! Have no fear, Culture will make sure you juice the last of this term’s cultural delights.

Sex in the Cam – Week 7

I did something bad this week. Now, there aren’t a lot of things I regret; I’ve had a lot of sex in my time and a reasonable amount of sex this term and I stand by every one of those random shags. But this time I’ll admit that I’ve crossed a line.

What’s On: Week 7

Looking for something to do? We’ve cobbled together a creative combination of curiosities coming up to the final weeks

Sex in The Cam – Week 6

This week in SEX IN THE CAM, our mystery woman finds pleasure and pain in unexpected places

Sex In The Cam: Week 5

This week, an older man arrived in town causing our hero to make new plans. Read on to find out how they came along.

What’s On: Week 5

A handpicked selection of this week’s finest cultural delicacies from the Culture Editor.

Sex in the Cam: Week 4

This week our sex columnist hands out some easy to digest hints. Sexy hints.

Francesca Ebel – Week 3

Freshers’ is a time of friendship, romance, and…unadulterated humiliation. FRANCESCA EBEL explains why.

Sex In The Cam

In the first instalment of our new sex column, we discover just how ruthlessly efficient Germans can be in the bedroom.

Skandar Keynes: Week 8

In his final column, SKANDAR considers his image as hapless foreigner in the Lebanese ranks.

The Cambridge Break-Up

How to deal with the very unique Cambridge break-up.

Don’t Call Me A Lesbian

One student offers the underreported female perspective on LGBT life in Cambridge, and argues that labels only make it harder.

Choose Life

Anna’s already given her verdict on Abort67 but has she got it wrong? Our author argues that the real issue is the outdated, simplistic language and attitudes which cloud the abortion debate.

That Person

One anonymous student doesn’t want to be defined by her depression.

A Test of Talent?

One frustrated applicant tells us why psychometric tests fail to measure up.

Going The Distance: Part 2

One committed fresher tells us why he’s determined to make long-distance work.