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Craig David is coming to Glasgow

Apparently, Lady Gaga wants to move to Stirling

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Craig David is coming to Glasgow

Craig David is coming to Leeds

One in 50 Birmingham students are victims of crime

It's still lower than Aston

Over one per cent of Brookes students will be a victim of crime

Could be worse, Oxford are at 3.6%

One in 25 Cardiff students will be a victim of crime

We're higher than Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth is officially safer than Cardiff for students

Our crime rate is less than two per cent versus 5.2 per cent at Cardiff

One in 25 Bristol students will be a victim of violent or sexual assault

Twice as likely than UWE

Revealed: The unis where you’ll spend the least on a bottle of wine

How's your head this morning?

Stirling is the most beautiful university in the UK

We've got a castle for god's sake

Unprovoked nightclub attack put me in a coma and left me with PTSD

'One thing that happened four years ago and I'm still suffering the consequences'

Questions guaranteed to annoy a politics student

Yes, I watch House of Cards