Duke vs. Kentucky: A learning experience


Top high school recruit in Class of 2016 commits to Duke

Welcome home, Harry Giles

Hundreds rally at Chapel against ‘Death to all fags’ graffiti

Jack said: ‘I am the fag, I do not deserve this treatment, and no one deserves this treatment’

The greatest play that shouldn’t have happened

Our record says 6-2, we’re really 7-1

EXCLUSIVE: Someone wrote ‘death to all fags’ on a wall in East House

The graffiti was directed specifically towards a resident

Duke trounces Ivy League in new college rankings

1241 spots above Yale. BOOM

Someone wrote ‘no niggers’ on a Black Lives Matter poster

They also crossed out ‘black’ and wrote ‘white’

Countdown to Craziness was actually crazy

‘There’s a level of energy unmatched by any other college basketball stadium’

Blue Devils ranked as no. 7 team in preseason projections


When you graduate, you’ll earn more than double national average

We’re hundreds of places ahead of UNC

We attend the 20th best college in the world

No biggie

Revealed: Coach Cutcliffe earns over $2 million

Coach K makes three times more

Duke professor wins Nobel Prize

That’s our second one in three years

Duke’s endowment: two Oprah’s and a P. Diddy

Our $7.3 billion endowment is the biggest it’s ever been

Duke senior comes in second on Jeopardy!

Still a win for the Blue Devils

Duke liquor law violations up 19 percent

346 liquor law violations were given out last year